The Application of Environmental Forensics

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Thursday 06 February 2020

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


CAWR, Ryton Organic Gardens, CV8 3LG



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Dr David Santillo is a Senior Scientist with the Greenpeace Research Laboratories, which have been based within the University of Exeter for almost 30 years. David began his career as a marine and freshwater biologist, splitting his time between Queen Mary College in London and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Since 1994, he has worked for Greenpeace as one of a small group of research scientists at the facility in Exeter, where he manages laboratory operations and collaborative research, as well as representing Greenpeace at the interface between science and policy at a number of international treaties. The laboratories themselves, which are unique within the NGO community, provide Greenpeace's offices and partner organisations around the world with access to GC-MS, LC-MS, ICP-MS and FT-IR analyses.


The application of environmental forensics, including targeted analysis of environmental media, wastes, foods and consumer goods, has long been a core part of Greenpeace's mission to 'bear witness' to environmental problems and to seek and evaluate more sustainable solutions. Drawing on a range of recent and ongoing national and international projects, this talk will explore some of the ways in which scientific research, advice and quality control are applied in order to inform and guide the work of a global campaigning organization, as well as highlighting some of the challenges inherent in that role.

This event will be livestreamed via our Facebook page and a high-quality version of this seminar will be uploaded to out YouTube channel.

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