“Expensive mistakes” are likely as transfer window looms, warns football finance expert

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Thursday 31 August 2017

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A football finance expert has warned that costly, rash decisions by clubs ahead of tonight’s transfer deadline could have a negative impact on the game in the long-term.

Premier League clubs have spent a record amount of more than £1.21 billion during this summer’s transfer window – and fans across the country are currently nervously waiting to hear last-minute news about major signings or departures from their clubs.

But Dr Andrew Jones, a research assistant with Coventry University’s Centre for Business in Society, said:

“The drama of transfer deadline day makes compulsive viewing for many, but the sagas and spending of this summer indicate the transfer market is in need of significant reform.


 Without rectifying some of the imbalances in the market it is likely there could be serious long-term consequences for football.


The ‘madness’ of transfer deadline day could reach new levels as clubs desperately try to strengthen their squads in an already inflated market for players.


Those selling players will be seeking a premium price, and some expensive mistakes could be made in the rush to secure new signings.”


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