Coventry University exceeds targets for international experience

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Friday 05 October 2012

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Over 1,550 students have already had some form of international experience, such as a fieldtrip, study, work and/or volunteering abroad, to date this year against a 1,300 target.

Over 650 non-EU students have also had a UK work or volunteering experience.  Next academic year, the Intrapreneurship@Coventry University [I@CU] scheme will involve about 50 non-European students who will participate in the creation and development of the Social Enterprise for Employability Development [SEED] project.

Around 1,000 students have participated in the Culturae Mundi pilot programme (to drive pro-active multiculturalism on campus and in the city), and around 500 students have learnt one of the 11 languages offered under the Linguae mundi programme.

Approximately 800 students have also been involved in joint projects with students from universities abroad.

This overall growth in activity is also evident through our participation in external programmes: in 2011-12 CU has remained the number one UK University for activities under the Leonardo Mobility programme, we are now also the number one Modern University for participation in the Erasmus programme, and the largest promoter for the Youth-in-Action programme in the UK.