Car design student impresses international judges with innovative mobility concept

Student Hwijun Moon sitting at a computer screen working on his car design

Student Hwijun Moon working on his design

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Tuesday 25 January 2022

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A Coventry University student’s vision for how people may travel in the future has been recognised with a global automotive prize.

Hwijun Moon, aged 23, a South Korean student studying Automotive and Transport Design, won the Top Honour Prize at the international car design festival, Auto Design Award.

The theme of the awards was ‘meta mobility, electrified universe’ and Hwijun’s project, entitled Autobiography, incorporated virtual reality and an autonomous driving mode.

The concept of Autobiography is to allow drivers to create their own stories by using virtual and augmented reality to change their travel experience.

In autonomous mode, displays inside the car would allow the occupants to experience different weather conditions, tour different landscapes across the world, take part in a race or even drive through a different point in time via a time travel mode.

The event saw Hwijun’s design considered by an expert panel of judges including senior figures in the global car industry.

Hwijun is due to return for his third year at Coventry in September following his two years of mandatory military service.

My interest in cars began when I was very young, I always memorised the names of all cars on the road. Since then if anyone has asked me what my dream is, I have always said ‘that I’ll become a car designer’.

Because the topic was so vast, the longest time was spent deciding on the theme. It progressed quite quickly after that and I was able to add a lot of details when rendering.

Learning car design at Coventry University made me feel proud and I will value being an alumnus after graduation. I will return to school in September this year, and my goal is to get internship experience as a car designer and win various competitions until then.

My ultimate ambition is to become a head designer or digital modeler at a world-class automobile company. Also, as a designer, I want to create a masterpiece and someday raise the status of Korean automobiles.

Hwijun Moon

Coventry University’s award-winning Automotive and Transport Design course offers learners the chance to create innovative product design solutions in a range of styles and media.

It includes cars, motorbikes, boats, luxury yachts, construction vehicles and vehicle interiors, as well as emerging areas such as electric vehicles and personal mobility devices.

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A number of Coventry University graduates have gone on to become leading lights in the world automotive industry including Ian Callum, who served as Director of Design at Jaguar for two decades and Rob Thomas, Chief Operating Officer at Mercedes- AMG Petronas.