Coventry University to host digital degree show

Monday 08 June 2020

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Coventry University's Degree Show has been saved from a COVID-19 cancellation by students and staff who have created a digital version of the showcase of final-year work.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the university had to stop the annual physical Faculty of Arts and Humanities shows from taking place at The Hub in May.

But staff and students have worked around the clock remotely to transform their catwalks, films, art displays and performances into digital-friendly content, which will be accessible on a new website from 19 June.

It is the first time the Degree Show, which has been running since the 1970s, will be hosted online and more than 500 budding designers, artists, performers, photographers, filmmakers and writers are set to host a range of virtual events on the platform.

Fine Art and Illustration student Cody Massey, pictured above inside his creation, has been part of the planning process and is delighted to be displaying work virtually, as he hopes the digital move will help their work reach more potential employers.

I hope in the coming years we're not seen as the year that went online due to unfortunate events, but instead that we establish a positive change that will substantially alter the Degree Show scene in the future. We believe that what we have made is great and we want to show it to the world; going online has given us the chance to do that.

Cody Massey, Fine Art and Illustration student

Kollette Super, Associate Dean for Student Experience, Faculty of Arts and Humanities has been delighted by the response from the students in the exceptional circumstances.

Change always presents a challenge and for this cohort of final year students this has been unprecedented. They have responded to a new environment in the past few months and demonstrated valuable work and life skills. Their integrity and resilience in continuing to put this show of excellent works designed, made, written and composed before you speaks volumes for the Coventry Way. We hope that you will make time to look at the work of individuals and that you will make contact with them to see how you can use these skills and values in the workplace.

Kollette Super, Associate Dean for Student Experience, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Freelance illustrator Megan Reddi, a BA Illustration and Graphics graduate, showcased her work at the annual event in her final year at Coventry and has gone on to work for global brands like cosmetic retailer Lush.

Current BA Illustration and Animation student Samantha Humphreys is hoping to follow in Megan's footsteps and thrive in the industry after graduating.

I have loved helping curate and bring to life everyone's work, despite the circumstances. Bringing it online was a challenge. However, it has helped show myself and class can adapt to facing adversity. This I hope comes across to our future employers and audience, and will help us to gain some attention and strong connections to help us to thrive into the industry.

Samantha Humphreys, BA Illustration and Animation student

The students' work will be available to view from 19 June.