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Peter Benkó


Peter Benkó got his PhD. degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Slovak University of Technology in 2006. As a Research assistant, during his activities at the university, he took part in many projects, from which the most important are mentioned below.

His main research topic was focused on the application of modern statistical methods for evaluation of measurement and for evaluation of measurement uncertainties for various measurements and calibration. He has experience in industrial metrology from automotive industry. He also worked in the legal metrology sphere for 7 years in various positions.

All of his activities were concerned with the development of measurement techniques and designing calibration and verification methods for measurement instruments. He is also certified professional for coordinate metrology, calibration of dimensional and temperature measurement instruments. 

Selected Outputs

  • Peták, Tomáš – Benkó, Peter-Kureková, Eva:Evaluation of the Positional Deviation by Calibration of CNC Machines, MEASUREMENT 2013, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference, Smolenice, Slovakia, ISBN 978-80-969-672-5-4, (2013) p.331-334
  • Hartanský, René - Bittera, Mikuláš - Hallon, Jozef - Benkó, Peter: Increase of calibrated meter range at distance measurement, "Instrumentation for the Information and Communication Technology Era", September 8-10, 2010,17th Symposium IMEKO TC 4 - Measurement of Electrical Quantities,Košice, Slovakia, ISBN: 978-80-553-0424-3
  • Benkó, Peter – Palencár, Rudolf: Uncertainties in the whole range of calibration of a thermocouple, XIX Imeko World Congress, Fundamental and Applied Metrology, September 6-11, Lisbon, Portugalia, ISBN 978-963-88410-0-1 © 2009 IMEKO, p. 1597-1600
  • Benkó, Peter – Palencár, Rudolf: Evaluation of Calibration of a Thermocouple, In: Proceeding Measurement 2009, 7th International Conference on Measurement, Smolenice, Slovakia, May 20-23, 2009, S. 15-18
  • Benkó, Peter - Palencár, Rudolf: Uncertainties in the whole range of calibration of a thermocouple. In: Journal of Electrical Engineering. - ISSN 1335-3632. - Vol. 58, No. 1 (2007), s. 51-54

Selected Projects

  • Development of measurement systems for calibration of  radar level gauges
  • Development of measurement systems for calibration of RPM meters up to 100 000 RPM
  • Methodology for Verification of Laser Speed meter and Taximeters
  • Methodology for Calibration of Contact Surface Thermometers and Infrared Thermometer
  • Project - Knowledge Transfer - Volkswagen Slovakia – STU Mechanical Engineering in Bratislava (Slovakia)
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