Dr Irene Glendinning

Academic Manager for Student Experience 

Professional title(s): BSc PhD FBCS CEng CITP

Office of Teaching and Learning

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Coventry University

Priory Street,


West Midlands


Telephone:  02476 658332 (Work)

Email: ireneg@coventry.ac.uk

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Irene Glendinning is Academic Manager for Student Experience, now based in Coventry University’s Officer of Teaching and Learning.  She joined Coventry University in September 1990 as a lecturer in Computer Science.  She has in turn managed three portfolios, first undergraduate programmes, then international collaborative programmes then postgraduate taught programmes.  In her earlier career she was a systems analyst and computer programmer before teaching maths, computing and IT at secondary level.  She has been conducting research into quality, pedagogy and academic integrity in higher education for several years.

After being Principal Investigator for the Erasmus funded in project Impact of Policies for Plagiarism, Higher Education Across Europe (IPPHEAE 2010-2013), she has continued to work collaboratively with other researchers from across the world, in working groups and research and development projects, applying what has been learnt so far about effective institutional policies and continuing research into growing and evolving threats to integrity affecting educational standards and quality globally (SEEPPAI 2016-7, PAICKT 2018-19).

After completing her own PhD focusing on policies for academic integrity internationally, she is led a global study into how accreditation and quality assurance bodies (AQABs) are responding to different forms of corruption in higher education (CHEA/CIQG 20019).  She is part of the team that organised the International Days of Action against Contract Cheating, starting in October 2016 and is Vice-President of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI 2017-2020).

She actively contributes to several regional, national and international advisory groups focused on academic integrity.

She is currently supervising one PhD student and has three recent successful PhD completions.

CHEA/CIQG: https://www.chea.org/quality-assurance-combatting-academic-corruption-resources

ENAI: https://www.academicintegrity.eu/wp/

IPPHEAE: http://www.plagiarism.cz/ippheae/

PAICKT; http://www.plagiarism.cz/paickt/

SEEPPAI: http://www.plagiarism.cz/seeppai/


  • Parklands County Primary School, Parklands Junior School 1954-1961
  • Parklands High School 1961-1968, Seacroft, Leeds
  • North Staffordshire Polytechnic, Beaconside, Stafford 1968-197
  • BSc Honours Degree in Computing Science 2-i honours with Industrial Training Year at Automotive Products Ltd, Leamington Spa
  • Open University 1986-7, Bursary from WIT Foundation
  • Postgraduate module Computer Architecture and Operating systems: Pass with Credit.
  • Qualified Teacher Status 1988
  • PhD 2016, Coventry University - Evaluation of Policies for Academic Integrity in Higher Education: An International Perspective.

Professional Status

BCS Chartered IT Professional Fellowship (FBCS) 2008

Joined BCS as Student member in 1971; MBCS 1976; CEng 1992; CITP 2004

BCS: Elected to BCS Council March 2016-2019; Appointed to Membership/Community Board 2015-2020. 

BCS Coventry Branch:  Chairman since June 2010; Committee member and Educational Liaison Officer 2002-2010. Chair/Organiser of BCS Coventry Branch Challenge IT youth competition 2 yearly 2005-2016

British Computer Society and Engineering Council: Accredited and trained panellist for Exemption and Accreditation panels.  Panel member (University of Leeds 2000, Plymouth 2002, UCLan 2003, Salford 2004, Stirling 2005, Anglia Ruskin May 2008, Greenwich Jan 2014, London Metropolitan University 2017; Edge Hill 2019).  Individual Case Procedure assessor 2002-2005.

Current posts

Academic Manager for Student Experience, Office of Teaching and Learning, Coventry University – Research into academic integrity, student experience, pedagogy, diversity and equality; reporting to Provost.

Current PhD supervisions: 1 x Director of Studies.

Vice-President European Network for Academic Integrity 2017-2020 

E-assessor BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching

Regular peer reviewer for Journal and Conference papers

Member of the editorial board for the International Journal for Academic Integrity

Member of the conference committee Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2013 Brno, 2015 Brno, 2017 Brno, 2018 Ephesus, 2019 Vilnius.

Previous posts

Academic Manager for Student Experience, Coventry University, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Faculty adviser in Academic Integrity and STEM Outreach, Continuing research and dissemination into student experience, academic integrity, diversity and equality, pedagogy, computing in schools; reporting to associate dean (2007-2016)

PhD supervisions: 3 successful completions

Co-leader for Council of Europe funded Project for Academic Integrity in Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Turkey (PAICKT) 2018-19;

Principal Investigator CHEA/CIQG project on Policies and Actions of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Bodies to Counter Corruption in Higher Education 2017-18

Coventry lead for EU funded European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) 2016-19

Co-leader for Council of Europe funded project South East European project on policies for academic integrity (SEEPPAI) 2017-18

Principal Investigator on EU funded project Impact of Policies for Plagiarism in Higher Education across Europe (IPPHEAE) 2010-13

Professional Activities 2011+

Keynotes and speaking invitations

Joint Presenter BCS Worcester Branch November 2011

Invited workshop coordinator staff development SCOPE Hong Kong June 2011

Assessment Moderation and teaching PEAK Hong Kong June 2011

Invited workshop coordinator HEA, University of Glasgow 20/02/2012

Invited speaker, Trinity College Dublin, 22/10/2012

Keynote Speaker, University of Luxembourg 02/10/2012

Invited speaker London Metropolitan University staff development 01/06/2012

Invited speaker Turnitin User Group 08/02/2012

Invited speaker University of Warwick Educational Research Group 27/02/2012

Coventry and Warwickshire Radio interview 01/11/2012 – computing in schools

Invited seminar joint presenter on Activity Led Learning by video-conferencing, 21/01/2014, Finnish ESF project for teacher education

Invited panellist National seminar, Dublin Institute of Technology, April 2014

Invited speaker for National seminar, National University of Ireland in Galway May 2014

Invited Keynote Speaker European Network on Research Careers, 20th May 2014, Brussels

Invited Speaker, National Association of University Librarians, Trinity College Dublin (CONUL),

Invited keynote Hodder education June 2014 – computing in the school curriculum Manchester.

Invited panellist Pre-session seminar for 6th International Plagiarism Conference, Newcastle on Tyne, June 2014

Invited speaker on plagiarism policy in higher education Nigeria: date to be agreed

Invited speaker, Policy forum on Planning Higher Education Integrity, UNESCO / IIEP, Paris 18th-20th March 2015;

Invited Keynote, Policies for Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond Conference, Brno, Czech Republic, 10th-12th June 2015.

Webinar Academic Integrity Maturity Model, South East Asia, 13th October 2015, iParadigms;

IPPHEAE survey provided for institutions in Pakistan, Malaysia 2014-15.

Invited as expert witness by Council for Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group,

IIEP/UNESCO to an Expert meeting on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Academic Corruption,

Washington DC, USA, 30th-31st March 2016.

Invited speaker CHEA / CIQG Annual Conference, Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington DC,  31st January – 1st Feb 2017.

Invited speaker, QAA Annual Conference, Nottingham University, UK, 10th May 2017.

Webinar moderator, 12th October 2017, CHEA /CIQG.

Invited Keynote, Vilnius, Lithuania, 16-17th October 2017.

Invited Panellist and speaker Turnitin, Newcastle, 19th October 2017.

Invited Speaker Council of Europe, Kosovo 5th-6th December 2017.

Invited speaker and Subject Expert, CHEA/CIQG Annual Conference, Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington DC 30th January-2nd February 2018.

Invited Speaker TED talk, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 6th February 2018.

Invited speaker Council of Europe Strasbourg 15-16th February 2018.

Webinar panellist University of Zagreb 9th March 2018.

Invited Panellist Westminster Forum 20th March 2018.

 Invited plenary speaker, Panel chair, Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond, May 2018, Ephesus, Turkey.

Invited speaker: CHEA/CIQG Annual Conference, Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington DC 28th-31st  January 2019.

Panel and sessions chair: Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond, Vilnius, June 2019.

Invited speaker and panellist: University of Kent, 24th June 2019. Contract Cheating and its implications for Academic Integrity and Assessment Design.

Computing At Schools (CAS) Coventry and Warwickshire teachers’ Hub:  Founder and joint hub leader February 2012+; 

External Examining

University of Ulster, undergraduate programmes in computer science, Sept 2014-2018

University of Central Lancashire Sept 2014-Dec 2018 Franchised foundation degree programmes in computing

University of Portsmouth 2004-2010, External Examiner, master’s degrees in computing subjects

University Campus Suffolk/Suffolk College, Ipswich: 2005-2009, undergraduate computing

INTI College Malaysia, 1999-2002 External examiner and subject advisor, undergraduate

Auston International, Singapore, 2001-2 External examiner and subject advisor, undergraduate

David Game College, Notting Hill Gate, London: 2000-2002, External examiner, undergraduate

Cyprus College, Nicosia, Cyprus: 2000-2004, External Moderator, undergraduate

Course and Institutional Approval Panels (approximate dates)

Panellist East Warwickshire College 1991 (Compact); Oxford College 1994 (Franchise); Stratford College 1996 (Franchise); Cardinal Newman College 1998 (Associate College/Franchise); MSc GIS by Research 1997; Cyprus College 1999; InterCollege, Cyprus 1999; Postgraduate Scheme in Computing and IT 1999

Course team and/or leading member on all undergraduate approval events in MIS from 1992 -2002

Leading course team member and advisor BCS Accreditation Visits to CU 1995, 2000, 2004, 2009

Course team member Francis Hsu College, Hong Kong 2000; PCEC/STMC Shanghai 2000; Auston International, Singapore 2000; INTI College Hong Kong 2001; INTI College Malaysia 2001; David Game College, London 2001;

Course team leader MIS Postgraduate Programmes 2003; MSc Health Informatics and MSc Logistics 2004

Leading course team member QAA Audit of the INTI College Collaboration 2002

External panellist for several Foundation Degree approvals University Central Lancashire 2005 and 2006;

Course team member WBL framework approval 2009

External adviser University Central Lancashire franchise with Burnley College February 2014 course review, Carlisle College May 2014, Hugh Baird College 20/5/2016, 23/03/2018.

Member of many reading groups and pre-approval panels

Curriculum development, teaching and supervisions (A-level and above, approximate dates)

Course Leader Level 1 degree: Mathematics for Engineers 1976

A-level: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Further Mathematics 1986-1990

Module Leader level 3 Client/Server Software Development 1997-2002

Module Leader level 2 Commercial Programming (COBOL, SQL) 1991-1998

Lecturer Level 1 Business Information Technology 2 (Group project for joint, interdisciplinary) 1992-1996

Module Leader level 1 programming (Pascal, Modula-2, COBOL) 1990-1998

Module Leader level 1 Information Systems 1990-1994

Module Lecturer/Leader M-level Programming Principles (OO, Java) 2001-2005

Module Leader M-Level E-Commerce Technology (double module, Architectures, Open Systems and Microsoft technologies, SQL, large scale systems) 2002-2005

Other teaching at HNC/D level in similar areas.

1990-2004 honours degree project supervisions every year (30 credits, double module)

1991+ postgraduate level project supervisions every year, MSc and MBA projects (60 and 48 credits)

In total, a significant numbers of first and second supervisions at both undergraduate and postgraduate level since 1990

PhD supervisions, 3 completions, 1 on-going

PhD supervision Stella-Maris Orim 2010-2014 (thesis submitted and successfully defended): Plagiarism in Nigeria, Graduated 2015.

PhD supervision Yamuna Bagiya 2012-2016 (thesis submitted and successfully defended): Evaluating the effectiveness of STEM outreach activities Graduated April 2017

PhD Director of Studies Anna Michalska part-time 2011+: European student view of plagiarism, graduated November 2018. –

PhD Director of Studies Kam Gill part-time 2016+: Student retention

Funded Research

ETINED / PAICKT (Project on academic integrity in the Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Turkey 2018-19 Coventry University lead, with Mendel University in Brno, CZ, Funded by Council of Europe)

PI: Policies and actions of Accreditation and Quality Assurance Bodies to counter Corruption in Higher Education funded by CHEA /CIQG 2017-18 (US $47,730 + travel costs)

ENAI (European Network for Academic Integrity) Coventry University lead, funded by Erasmus +, led by Mendel University in Brno, CZ.2016-2019.

ETINED / SEEPPAI (South-East European Project on Policies for Academic Integrity) Coventry University lead, with Mendel University in Brno, CZ. Funded by Council of Europe. 2016-7

Principal Investigator HEA Teaching Development Grant, research project: Activity Led Learning for Master’s in Engineering Management, 01/01/2012-31/03/2013 HEA grant £28,851)

Coventry team coordinator for Virtual Academy Platform for Vocational Schools (VAPVoS Lead partner Bochum University of Applied Sciences) (1.10.2011 - 30.09.2013, CU budget €30,298)

Principal Investigator and project leader Impact of Plagiarism Policies in Higher Education across Europe (IPPHEAE) funded through Erasmus LLP Multilateral Projects (2010-2013 budget €396,419)

Lead Coventry University’s Disabled Student Engagement Project, for the HEA/NUS national Meaningful Student Engagement Project 2010-11, with £9000 funding from CWLLN and CU;

Co-Leader Coventry’s contribution to “Quicker Steps from Education to Working Life” project, funded by Finnish ESF funding, running 2011-13, with a consortium of partner universities from Finland, Austria and Luxembourg, Funding for travel and meeting expenses Budget €9000 May 2011;

Project Manager HEA Engineering Subject Group funded project for development of Faculty pre-induction web site to aid transition of BME students (2010 January - December: HEA £3,500)

Member of KTP team for KITE Packaging Ltd 2005-2007, E-commerce application development

Project Manager ESF MIS Partnership Training Awards 2 2004-2007 (budget approx £250,000)

Project Manager ESF MIS Partnership Training Awards 2003-2005 (budget approx £250,000)

CHED Project and grant 1998-9 for developing e-learning materials for IT support and training;

Publications in date order:

Tatham, E, Glendinning, I, (1994 and 1996) Making Sense of Modula-2, Edition1: Chapman Hall, Editions 1 and 2: International Thomson Publications

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Glendinning, I (2013) Comparison of Policies for Academic Integrity in Higher Education across the European Union, on-line http://www.plagiarism.cz/ippheae/  

Glendinning, I. (2013). Comparison of Policies for Academic Integrity in Higher Education across the European Union. Retrieved from http://ippheae.eu/images/results/2013_12_pdf/D2-3-00 EU IPPHEAE CU Survey EU-wide report.pdf . Accessed 06/10/2014.

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Contributions to case studies, reports, articles

Porter, A.(2012) Report on the Meaningful Student Engagement Project, Higher Education Academy (accessed 3rd February 2015).

Broughan, C. (2010) Coventry University – Improving the degree of attainment of black and minority ethnic students, Coventry_BME_Reflective Paper

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Interests/other activities


Secretary Rugby Archaeological Society (RAS) since 1992

Trustee of the Tripontium Collection

Publisher and editor archaeological publications and journal articles

Regular presentations and lectures to archaeological societies and history groups

British Archaeological Awards (BAA):

1994 Pitt Rivers Award RAS Highly Commended

2004 Pitt Rivers Award RAS Winner

Invited speaker British Museum February 2006 for launch of 2006 BAA awards

Painting and drawing: On-glaze china painting, water colours, oils, book illustrations

Travel, Gardening, grandchildren

 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023