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Dr. Natalia Rocha Lawton

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

School of Marketing and Management
Coventry Business School
Faculty of Business & Law


Twitter: @RochaLawtonNata

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I have a PhD in Sociology at Warwick University, MA in Political Sociology and a BA in History. I previously worked in the Energy Sector in the Mexican Government and Hertfordshire University as Course Director of Msc Global Business (IBSA). My academic and professional experience as an advisor in the Energy sector as well as my practical knowledge with business in the UK, gave me the international and interdisciplinary analytical tools to develop a theoretical approach to study complex intersections of management, workers’ diversity, equality and inequality in different international contexts. 

I have presented and organised Conference Streams at the Gender Work and Organisation, International Labour Process, Society for Latin American Studies Conferences, among others. I have been editor for Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation (JSTOR) Journal. I have published book chapters and journal articles at Cambridge Press, SAGE. I am currently a reviewer for peer review academic journals and I am part of the panel of experts to evaluate high impact entrepreneurial projects at the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (INADEM) Mexican Government and World Bank.  


  • PhD in Sociology, Warwick University
  • Master in Political Sociology, the Research's Institute Dr. José Maria Luis Mora, Mexico.
  • BA in History (Honours) Faculty of Philosophy and Literature in the UNAM, Mexico.
  • Pg Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Hertfordshire


I specialise in the areas of International HRM, International Employment Relations, Gender and Diversity Studies. My research has focused on:

  • The social implications of economic restructuring of the telecommunications and Energy Sectors on employment relations.
  • Employees and union’s participation in the process of privatisation in Mexico.
  • Gender relations and intersectionality at work; complex intersections of equality and inequality; young workers and ageism at work; diverse forms of negotiation and technological innovation at work.
  • Currently, I am developing a collaborative international research about Intersectionality and gender inequality in the South. 

Outputs and Publications

  • Rocha Lawton, N., Forson, C., and Calveley, M. (2016) 'Untangling multiple inequalities: intersectionality, work and globalisation'. Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation 9 (2), 7-13. Available from
  • Hollinshead, G., Forson, C., Rocha Lawton, N., and Calveley, M. (2015) ‘Key Players in International HRM’. in International Human                  Resource Management. Ed. by Ӧzbilgin, M., Harvey, W., and Groutsis, D. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Calveley, M., Allsop D., and Rocha Lawton, N. (2017) ‘Managing the Employment Relationship’. in Strategic Human Resource Management: An       International Perspective (2nd ed.) Ed. by Rees, G., and Smith, P. London: Sage.
  • Rocha Lawton, N. (2016) Mexican Women’s Experience of Workplace Restructuring: An Intersectional Approach to Gender, Age and Class. [working paper]
  • Rocha Lawton, N. (2016) Employment implications of the Energy Reform in Mexico. [working paper]

Teaching modules

I teach on the BA, MA, Msc programmes:

  • 300HRM- Developing HR Professional
  • 301HRM- Strategic HRM
  • 305HRM- International HRM
  • 308HRM - Contemporary Developments in Employee Relations  
  • M07HRM- HRM in Context
  • M08HRM- Developing Skills for Business Leadership
  • M12HRM- International HRM
  • M23HRM - Employee Engagement
  • M31HRM - Dissertation
  • M32HRM- Research Methods
  • M57HRM- International Employment Relations
  • A240HRM- Preparing for Placement 

Areas of expertise

  • International Employment Relations
  • International HRM in the Energy and Telecommunication sectors.               
  • Gender and Intersectionality at work
  • Diversity issues at work
  • Employment Relations in Latin America
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2023