Accommodation COVID-19 FAQs

Accommodation COVID-19 FAQs

Here you can find frequently asked questions in relation to COVID-19 and how this might affect our accommodation contracts from May 2021 onwards at any of our campuses.

Please note, the information on this page relates only to university-owned accommodation with FutureLets. Partner accommodation will have their own booking and cancellation policies.

Please keep checking back for the latest information.

For further information regarding our response to the latest government advice please see our general COVID-19 FAQs.

The university has committed to starting the September semester/block on time, as planned, and we do not envisage a late start. In the unlikely event of a delayed start to the term, we will amend the Licence to Occupy (contract) in line with the new semester/block dates.

We understand that circumstances can sometimes change. We have extended the acceptance period to 7 days so that you have a full week to decide whether to accept any offer of university-owned accommodation made to you.

Please note that partner accommodation will have their own booking and cancellation policies.

All students on courses currently being taught online only who have not returned to university-owned accommodation after 5 January 2021, as a result of government restrictions, and have paid their first rent instalment in full as of 5 January 2021, will be eligible to request an 80 per cent rent rebate for the period 5 January 2021 to the end of the accommodation contract period (39 weeks – 1 June 2021 and 43 weeks – 29 June 2021). This applies to all students studying online courses and not returning to campus who have already completed and submitted the rent rebate request form.  

The rebate you receive will be dependent on your individual payment schedule and if you received an accommodation bursary award. You will only receive a rebate on the payments you have made, if eligible. 

For more information, students in university-owned halls of residence should contact Students in privately owned accommodation should contact their accommodation provider directly. 

If you intend to return to your accommodation you are required to provide 48 hours’ notice to make suitable access arrangements by emailing your full name, hall, room number alongside the date/time of your arrival, to the relevant Hall email address:  (for Bishop Gate and Parish Rooms accommodation)  (for Priory Hall and Quadrant Hall accommodation)


ALL SID cards and access to the accommodation has been disabled unless you have contacted us. If you choose to return to your accommodation between now and end of the accommodation contract; you may be invoiced for the duration of stay.

As standard, we have three instalment dates which are timed to coincide with student loans being paid to students – 1 October 2021, 15 January 2022, and 30 April 2022. Individual payment plans can be arranged upon request. Please email for help. Please also refer to our How to Pay page for more details.

The policies outlined in these FAQs, our webpages and our Licence to Occupy (contract) apply to ALL students in university-owned accommodation regardless of:

  • Nationality or international status
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate study
  • Campus location

We do not intend to allocate people based on their course, and we do not intend to create ‘social bubbles’ to restrict student mixing. As far as possible, our normal allocation rules will apply and students should continue to follow the latest guidance from the UK Government, and abide by university health and safety measures.

From 15th February, everyone entering the UK from abroad will have to:

  • Quarantine for a period of 10 days
  • Take a Covid test on days 2 and 8 of quarantine
  • Follow the lockdown rules in place

Students from Approved Countries

In line with current UK Government guidance, you will need to quarantine for 10 days after you arrive, unless you are travelling from certain countries or territories. We recommend you read the government guidance carefully, and contact us at if you have any further questions.

You will be able to quarantine for this 10 day period in your university-owned accommodation, and will be required to undergo a Covid test on days 2 and 8.

Please notify reception in advance of your arrival of your requirement to quarantine and accommodation staff can then support you with food delivery, waste removal, cleaning packs and wellbeing support for the period of quarantine. You can email us at to notify us of your need to quarantine.

If you are choosing to go through the 'test to release' process to reduce your quarantine period, you will need to provide evidence of a negative test result AND notify us of your intention to do this before you arrive. For more information and to book on to the 'test to release' process, please visit the UK Government website.

Students from 'Red List' Countries

Students entering the UK from a 'red list' country will need to complete their quarantine in a Government-approved quarantine hotel, and are NOT eligible for the 'test to release' process. You will need to provide evidence of your completed quarantine and negative test results before you can move in your accommodation.

Please note, this information relates only to university-owned accommodation with FutureLets, and partner accommodation will have their own contracts and policies.

Find out more on the International Student Covid-19 FAQs page.

You can quarantine in your accommodation if you arriving from an approved country. Please notify reception in advance of your arrival of your requirement to quarantine and accommodation staff can then support you with food delivery, waste removal, cleaning packs and wellbeing support for the period of quarantine.

If you are arriving into the UK from a 'red list' country, you will need to complete your quarantine in a UK Government approved quarantine hotel.

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms while living in our accommodation, you will need to follow the UK Government guidelines in place at the time, including any requirement to self-isolate. Please notify reception via telephone or email immediately if you develop COVID-19 symptoms. Our accommodation staff can then support you with food delivery, waste removal, cleaning packs and wellbeing support for the period of isolation.

If someone in your flat develops COVID-19 symptoms, of you are contacted by the NHS Track & Trace service, you will need to self-isolate for a period of 10 days as per government guidance. We will contact you in the event that someone in your flat has identified with COVID-19 symptoms, and inform you of the requirement to self-isolate. Our staff can then support you with food delivery, waste removal, cleaning packs and wellbeing support for the period of isolation.

We will be following government advice on any self-isolation processes that are put in place for international arrivals or people displaying symptoms of the virus and our site teams are prepared to be able to fully support students to be quarantined safely but still be connected. Our site teams can assist with deliveries, waste removal and supporting all forms of well-being of any residents in self-isolation, including welfare calls from the FutureLets ResLife team to check on your physical and mental well-being.

You will not be allowed to have overnight or day guests inside your university-owned accommodation for the foreseeable future, including friends from other accommodation buildings. This policy will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

We will email you once you are able to have visitors, and will provide you with more information about the online, contactless approval process to book overnight guests in prior to their arrival, and to book day guests in on arrival for track and trace purposes. 

A maximum of two guests will be welcome during the day. Overnight guests will be limited to one person, for a maximum of two nights’ stay in accordance with the Licence to Occupy.

We reserve the right to withdraw both the day and overnight guest policy at any time.

All visitors will need to abide by the health and safety measures in place in our university-owned accommodation, including any requirements to wear a face covering.

Additional health and safety measures will be in place and each on-campus accommodation block will receive a regular deep clean with anti-viral disinfectant for all high traffic common areas. Cleaning during the day will focus on touch points. Hand sanitiser points and anti-viral wipes will also be available in all on-campus blocks, and social distancing measures will be introduced.

Cleaning schedules in all of our accommodation have been amended to focus on touch points and high traffic areas. Measures include:

  • Hand sanitisers are located at the entry to all halls, ground floor lifts and social spaces
  • Reception areas are being fitted with clear plastic screens
  • Clear signage is displayed in halls in relation to social distancing, one way systems and directional travel
  • Cleaning frequency of all touch points (card readers, speed gates, lifts, handrails, door plates/handles/communal spaces and facilities) has been increased
  • Social distancing posters, markers and advice
  • One-way systems are in place
  • Changes to furniture arrangements in shared spaces


Yes, you can use the lift in your hall, although we do ask that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Hand sanitiser is located at the ground floor of each lift area for you to use prior to entering the lift.
  • Wear a face covering whilst using the lift
  • Maintain social distancing within the lift, and face away from the other occupants
  • Do not occupy the lift above the revised occupancy levels as displayed
  • Only travel in the lift if necessary, and use the stairs whenever possible
  • Only travel within your household groups

Yes, social spaces will be open. Depending on the size of the space, the number of people who can use this space will be limited. Social distancing guidelines are in place in accommodation and sanitising stations are located in all communal areas.

We are following UK Government advice to ensure as many of our sports facilities as possible can be safely opened. All of our sports and fitness activities have been risk assessed, and we will continue to review and update risk assessments and procedures to follow health and safety best practice and UK Government guidelines. See the Sport and Recreation Centre website for the latest information.

Please note that the gym for residents at our Bishop Gate accommodation is not currently scheduled to reopen.

Current government guidelines state that you should wear a face covering in indoor places where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. This will apply to communal and shared spaces in your university-owned accommodation where you will be expected to wear one.

We recognise that for some people, wearing a face covering may present difficulties. For example, people who are asthmatic, or who have hearing difficulties and may need to see others’ faces to understand what is being communicated. Please be mindful that people may choose to wear, or not wear, a face covering for a particular reason – find out more about exemptions to wearing face coverings. Discrimination or inappropriate behaviour towards students and staff, whether they are wearing a face covering or not, will not be tolerated.

Face coverings are not classed as personal protective equipment (PPE). There is government guidance on what constitutes a face covering, when to wear one, and how to make your own.

It is really important to remember that face coverings are not a replacement for other ways of managing your safety, such as increased handwashing or maintaining 2-metre social distancing.

Please see our detailed health and safety FAQs for more information on wearing face coverings on campus.

Yes, however, you will be limited to bringing only one additional person (parent, guardian or friend) onto the premises with you to help you move in. This is to help limit the number of people on site at any one time so that we can maintain social distancing. The additional person must also wear a face covering in communal and shared spaces – please see the FAQ ‘will I need to wear a face covering in my university-owned accommodation’ above for more detail.

For information on private lettings, please visit our dedicated website


Images are intended to be representative only. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that the layout or style of any accommodation offered to you will be the same as that depicted. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that any accommodation offered to you will come with any particular contents, furniture or facilities other than those expressly stated as being available in each property as set out on the Coventry University website.

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