Become an academic partner

Coventry University engages with academic partners on every continent to offer study options for students both inside and outside the UK.

Students at these partner institutions have access to a wider range of opportunities and cultural experiences, and have better employability prospects, because of the partner’s relation with us. The partner institution benefits by developing the expertise of academics and the skills of professional support staff. Partner institutions will see their marketing profile raised by association with the Coventry University brand name, a recognised leader in international student recruitment.

See a full list of our current partners. 

Progression Partnerships

Students from progression Academic Partners can finish their studies at Coventry University in the UK

Students at progression partners have increased opportunities based on learning and achievements gained at that academic partner. So a student could be accepted onto a programme for a Coventry University award after completing part of their course elsewhere. This means a student could complete two years of an undergraduate course at an academic partner, and take their third year at Coventry University in the UK. Progression academic partners can offer this in two ways.

1. As credit rating partners. Students are offered an entry route on to a Coventry University programme delivered in the UK. Credit earned at an academic partner is recognised when an application is made. However, students must still meet the entry requirements for courses, and space is subject to availability.

2. As recognition partners. Students are offered a guaranteed place on a Coventry University course delivered in the UK. Coventry University approves in advance the quality and teaching standards of courses offered by the academic partner.

This helps academic partners directly with:

  • A raised profile for the academic partner by associating with the Coventry University brand name
  • An opportunity for staff within the partner to develop skills and experience
  • Partner development by sharing academic expertise

Students also benefit from taking part with:

  • Specific recognition and reward of prior learning and achievement of students
  • New learning opportunities for students
  • One dedicated point of contact to support students during their study
  • Expanded cultural enrichment for students when they study in the UK
  • Improved student opportunities, such as online international learning, summer schools, exchange programmes and research projects.  
  • Access to Coventry University resources, such as the online library

We have a 5 stage process so that progression partnerships are well clear and well organised from the start.

You can find out more below:

5 stage process

1. Telling us the basics

Partners complete a Progression Prospective Partner Form. This shows the partner’s background, achievements, future plans, current portfolio of qualifications, research activities. Partners also show which progression opportunities they would like to offer to students. Coventry University will look at this information within 4 to 6 weeks.

2Creating a progression pathway

If we are happy with the proposal, we will contact you for programme information. This is likely to include:

  • The Programme specification or programme content
  • Learning outcomes
  • Module descriptors (including reading lists and bibliography)
  • Assessment strategy
  • Samples of completed coursework or exam materials
  • The Grading or marking scheme
  • An outline of contact and study hours
  • Admissions requirements
  • Processes for programme monitoring and review 

We allocate an academic from a Faculty to formalise this information by mapping the details. This should take around 2 weeks, and might require extra information from you as well.

3. Getting approval from a Faculty

The academic will present these results of this mapping exercise to a committee within the Faculty. The committee will assess the results and may approve the pathway so that we move to a draft partnership agreement.

4. Finalising the partnership agreement

Coventry University will produce a credit rating agreement for you to look at. This agreement will show you what each institution is responsible for and give you more information about the pathway.

5. Starting applications

We will provide you with a partnership student application pack so that you can tell students how to apply for the programme.  Students can then start to apply for Coventry University programmes directly through the Academic Partnership Unit.


To find out more about progression academic partnership, please contact us by email.

Collaborative Partnerships

Students can earn a Coventry University degree by taking courses at a collaborative Academic Partner outside the UK

This means that students can be awarded an internationally recognised higher education qualification within their home country, or in a country that’s more convenient for them to study in than the UK. Academic partners can collaborate with Coventry University in two ways.

1. As validation partners

The responsibility for the delivery, design, academic regulations, quality assurance, funding, teaching, assessment and administration of the course rests with the collaboration partner. Coventry University evaluates and monitors all these elements. This makes sure that every student taking a collaboration course gets the same high quality of teaching as they would have done at Coventry University in the UK.

2. As franchise partners

Students take a Coventry University course at a collaboration partner under Coventry University’s academic regulations. The collaborating partner is responsible for teaching and assessment, supported by Coventry University Subject Advisers and approved External Examiners. Students may not be offered a complete range of course options or ways to study.

This helps academic partners directly with:

  • A raised profile for the academic partner by associating with the Coventry University brand name
  • An opportunity for staff within the partner to develop skills and experience
  • Partner development by sharing academic expertise

Students also benefit from taking part with:

  • New learning opportunities for students within the partner’s region
  • Improved student opportunities, such as online international learning, summer schools, exchange programmes and research projects.  
  • Access to Coventry University resources, such as the online library
  • The chance for students to graduate in a partner country or in the UK.

We have a clear process to make sure that collaborative partnerships are properly founded and mutually beneficial right from the start. This should take about 6 to 8 months to finish. The process has 6 stages.

6 stage process 

1. Telling us the basics

We need to assess how well the objectives, values and working practices of the two partners align. We will provide an overview of Coventry University to the academic partner, and will need details of the academic partner back showing organisation, specific areas for collaboration and 5-year objectives. Partners do this by filling in a Prospective Partner form The Academic Partnership Board will review details on this form and move the proposal to the next stage of the process if criteria has been met.

2. Exploring the partnership further

A member of the University Senior Management Team, and a member of the Academic Partnership Unit will carry out a preliminary visit to the academic partner. They will meet with the Owners, Trustees or Governors of the proposed partner, and tour facilities there. Both parties can use this visit to explore the potential for collaboration and their expectations of for the partnership.

We will need to carry out due diligence, reviewing financial and legal status. In return, Coventry University will provide information so that the partner can carry out its own due diligence checks on us. We’ll be looking at:

  • The last three years of audited accounts
  • Financial forecasts for the organisation for proposed courses
  • Detail on sources of organisational funding
  • An overview of governance and management structures
  • Government letters of approval if required

3. Working out a project plan

 Staff from both partners will work together to prepare a project plan that looks at:

  • Potential student numbers
  • Academic staffing requirements
  • Timetables
  • Proposed fees
  • Market research
  • Marketing and communications plans

4. Getting approval from Coventry University committees

An Academic Partnership Manager (APM), along with representatives of a Faculty, will submit the project plan to strategic committees at Coventry University. The International Development Committee will assess the due diligence, business case and market integrity of project. The Course Advisory and Approval Panel (CAAP) will review the project academically. Both committees may make recommendations to change the project plan and, their approval is needed to take the proposal to the next stage.

Once a proposal has been approved, partners can market courses as ‘Subject to Approval’. The APM will start to draft the contract or programme agreement.

5. Hosting a visiting panel

Panels of Coventry University and external members will now visit the academic partner. These are to approve the academic partner proposed courses. Institutional approval normal takes a day. Course approval may take longer depending on the number of courses involved. This means a panel may need to visit for several days. Coventry University will provide the partner with detailed guidance and templates for these visits.

6. Starting enrolment

A senior manager from Coventry University will visit the partner to provide feedback and discuss any non-negotiable changes that have been made by the panel to the proposal. Once both partners agree, the contract can be signed. Students can then begin to enrol onto the collaborative programme.


To find out more about collaborative academic partnership, please contact us by email.

Business and Industry Partnerships

We are extremely proud of our international reputation as a business-facing institution with high levels of collaboration and engagement with industry.

Our academic staff have trusted relationships with industry across the world. They have a proven track record of successful research projects, graduate recruitment programmes and multidisciplinary training and skills initiatives. And we support businesses in many other ways as well.

We understand the critical importance of supporting innovative collaborations as a way find answers to today’s real challenges. We partner with businesses to focus on research, Intellectual Property commercialisation and education.

To build a partnership like this with us, call +44 (0) 2476 158 258 and speak to the Enterprise and Innovation Unit.