Principles of Coordinate Metrology Systems
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A one day course focused on the knowledge required to understand and get the best out of 2D and 3D coordinate measurement systems. This includes CMM, Vision systems, Articulating Arms, Laser Trackers, Photogrammetry, and other coordinate based measuring systems. 

Course detail

Often getting the best out of your coordinate measuring equipment is down to operator skills, knowing which button to press is a start, but this course specifically looks at the strategy behind effective programming and measurement, for example datum structures, geometry, constructed dimensions, point density and lots of little tips and tricks around avoiding time consuming dead ends. 

We will go behind what button to press to give the skills required to become an efficient and effective user, providing the underpinning knowledge essential to optimise the use of a variety of mainstream coordinate measuring systems.

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of coordinate metrology both 2D and 3D in manufacturing Engineering
  • Be able to describe geometry including how it is constructed and appropriate best practice
  • The importance of coordinate alignment, being able to determine a good practice alignment and develop a programming strategy
  • To distinguish between relevant coordinate system technologies and their suitable application in delivering a suitable measurement resource.

This course is suitable for existing Coordinate measurement systems users and programmers, including CMM, optical and vision systems, laser trackers, measurement arms, scanning and photogrammetry systems. Production / Manufacturing / Quality / Design Engineers who wish to gain an appreciation of coordinate technologies and appropriate use. Any individual who is new to coordinate metrology systems prior to undertaking the manufacturers own software training course. As a CPD activity for those with a requirement to plan measurement or understand the results from coordinate measurement systems.

How will this course be taught

A one day course either at your site (subject to numbers) or in our dedicated training centres. All materials and equipment is provided by the University including a course workbook. 

The course is one day duration from 8:30am till 4:30pm with parking, refreshments and a buffet lunch are included when on our sites.


This is a continual professional development course with a certificate of completion form Coventry University for those that attend.