Coventry University welcomes Independent Review of University Spin-out Companies

Friday 31 May 2024

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Coventry University welcomes the Government's Independent Review of University Spin-out Companies published in November 2023.

Led by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology and HM Treasury,  the review proposes recommendations to help improve the creation and growth of university spin-out companies and to ensure the right incentives are in place for the UK to lead the world in turning university research into commercial success.

The Spin-out Review places significant emphasis on the University Spin-out Investment Terms (USIT) Guide, a set of recommendations to improve the speed and efficiency of university spin-out formation.

We embrace the best practice recommendations made by the Spinout Review, recognising its significance in bolstering spin-out activity and providing key considerations and crucial guidance for navigating the complex landscape of establishing new ventures and facilitating technology transfer. 

A thorough review of the USIT Guide and our internal spin-out guide confirmed our strong foundation in best practices. We remain committed to a flexible approach to equity allocation, allowing us to tailor support to the unique needs of each spin-out company. However, we recognise the value of specific strategies within the USIT Guide and are committed to exploring their incorporation to further enhance our spin-out formation process.

We consistently ensure that our practices do not create unnecessary burdens for our spin-out companies (whether financial or practical). Our commitment to flexibility and responsiveness allows us to tailor our support to the unique needs of each venture, fostering a truly collaborative and supportive environment for innovation to thrive.

Coventry University acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to spin-out activities, and our flexible, adaptable internal guide has proven effective to date. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to collaborating with other Technology Transfer Offices and continuously seeking ways to improve our internal processes by integrating best practices from the USIT Guide and other academic standards.

We have embraced the recommendations of the Independent Review and are actively working to integrate the best practices into our spin-out processes. We believe we have made significant progress in aligning our approach with these recommendations and are committed to continuous improvement and further refinement.

Our plan is to continue to assess the effectiveness of our internal spin-out guidelines and explore potential refinements in line with the USIT guide. Our goal is to ensure our spin-out activities remain in harmony with industry standards and aligned with the practices of our peers, ultimately fostering a thriving innovation ecosystem within our institution and the wider region.

Here at Coventry, we view the recommendations of this Spinout Review as a catalyst for propelling our research breakthroughs into the marketplace, further reinforcing our commitment to fostering innovation and economic growth within our region and beyond.

Our dedicated Technology Transfer Office and IP Commercialisation Team champion entrepreneurs, working step-by-step with them to launch, secure funding, and grow their businesses. We foster a supportive environment where they can grow and overcome challenges, ultimately setting them up for success—something we are immensely proud of.

Albi Lamaj, Intellectual Property Associate Director, Coventry University

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