Shapeshifter: Real-time motion capture theatre performance

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Thursday 19 October 2023

05:30 PM - 06:00 PM


Delia Derbyshire Building, Coventry University Campus



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An insight and live demonstration of the new theatre performance 'Shapeshifter', an innovative location-based immersive installation.

Using live motion capture within an interactive digital environment, this awe-inspiring experience seamlessly blends storytelling and free-play.

Imagine delving into the mysteries of nature in a way you never thought possible, venturing inside a tiny seed pod or traversing the intricate veins of an ancient tree. Guided by the shapeshifting nature-sprite Púca, the audience explore aspects of the natural world that are normally hidden to the human eye.

The session is led by Malcolm Barnes, Director of Hollywood Gaming. Malcolm has been involved in many XR projects and works closely with Coventry University's Arts & Humanities department. Malcolm will work with with expert motion capture Actor, Maggie Bain, who has worked on projects including the Royal Shakespeare Company's groundbreaking digital production Dream, and Emmy-award winning Technical Director, David Gochfeld.

The session is free and open to all.

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