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Commuting students

If you travel onto campus to attend classes and lectures, the idea of making new friends can be a daunting task. As a Coventry University student, you’re never alone.

Here are a few tips if you are commuting onto campus.

  1. Classes are key – You will meet new people while attending your classes. If you find someone you like working with, then group projects will be a lot easier.
  2. Sharing timetables – If you make friends with someone on your course, or doing the same modules as you, then you can organise to meet up whenever you’re on campus. This could be for group study sessions, or going out for a drink after your classes are finished for the day.
  3. Exploring – If you’re travelling from outside the city then commuting can provide you with a great opportunity to explore outside of the city centre. Meet people at coffee shops, board game cafes, or invite others on your course to explore with you.
  4. Get stuck in – Depending on where you’re travelling from, think about joining a society or sports club. They’re open to everyone, not just those living on campus, and could be a great way to socialise, or find a new hobby.
  5. Make connections from day one - Welcome Week and Freshers’ Week – Open to all first-year students, regardless of whether you live on campus, in rented accommodation or commute in. The university's Welcome Week and the Your Student Union’s Freshers’ Week are perfect opportunities to meet new people as everyone is in the same boat. Social events will get you meeting tonnes of new people, helping you find a group you can click with.
  6. Find your tribe - University societies and sports – Hobbies and sports have always been a great way to make new friends and Your SU has a whole host of societies and clubs that you can join. So, whether you’re into fashion, football or physiotherapy, there’s a place for you to meet like-minded people.
  7. Don’t forget about home – As a commuting student, you have the unique benefit of already knowing people where you live. You may already have a group of friends already, and so may not need to find that close knit group of friends quite as much as everyone else. But, it’s always nice to have someone on campus you can meet up with when you’re studying.

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Tips and tricks

It’s good to remember that making friends isn’t always immediate. You’ll socialise and meet new people throughout your time at university. Nim Bahia, a psychologist and one of our lecturers in childhood, youth and education studies shares a few more tips on making friends from .

There are also a few things you might want to avoid:

  1. Don’t stay in your comfort zone – There's plenty of ways to make friends, but the best way is to put yourself out there. University is the best place to try new things and find out more about yourself. That’s the same when it comes to making friends as well.
  2. Don't just focus on partners – University could be the place you find that special someone to potentially spend the rest of your life with. If that happens, try not to neglect your friends. Make time for them and bring your partner into your friendship group. Then, if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still have your friends to support you.
  3. And finally, don’t forget to keep in touch with your friends from back home - Keeping friendships going can take a lot of effort, and if you move away to university, it can become even harder. If you’re a student commuting to university, keeping in contact with your friends back home can be easier, and a vital way to stay sociable. For anyone that’s moving away, here are six ways to keep in touch with your friends.
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