Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study


Overall positive postgraduate student experience in the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences (PTES 2016)

Applied Sport and Exercise Science MSc

This course offers suitably qualified graduates and professionals the opportunity to develop their academic knowledge, skills and qualifications through evidence based critical debate and reflective professional practice relevant to the scientific study of sport and exercise.

Biomedical Science MSc

This course offers training in a selected biomedical science discipline, either Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science, Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology or Infection Science, together with opportunities to advance skills and knowledge in laboratory management and accreditation, plus modern developments such as genomics and stem cell technology.

Biotechnology MSc

This course aims to develop students’ knowledge of, and expertise in, the specialist biological science subjects that underpin Biotechnology. Subjects include molecular biology, genetic and cell culture techniques that are used extensively in modern Biotechnology.

Molecular Biology MSc

This course aims to further develop students’ practical and critical skills and knowledge in the biosciences with an emphasis on molecular biology. Particular prominence is given to cutting-edge techniques in DNA analysis.

Pharmacology and Drug Discovery MSc

Trained professionals are needed to translate laboratory research into commercially ready medical biotechnology and drugs that can be used clinically. This course covers biotechnical innovations associated with ‘Pharmacology and Drug Discovery’ as well as clinical trial design and health-outcomes research.

Science of Youth Coaching and Development MSc

We aim to equip students studying this course with subject specific knowledge, a range of research and transferable skills as well as enhanced practical and professional skills. The course can help prepare students for a variety of careers such as youth sports coaching, strength and conditioning coach, paediatric exercise scientist, health promotion, further post graduate study. 

Sports and Exercise Nutrition MSc

Over the past decade, the impact of nutrition and exercise in optimising athletic performance and recovery from injury has become increasingly clear and there has been a growing demand for highly trained specialists in this field.

Strength and Conditioning MSc

The MSc in Strength and Conditioning aims to enable students to develop an evidence-based approach of strength and conditioning in enhancing human performance.