Undergraduate study

Computer Hardware and Software Engineering BEng (Hons)

The course bridges the gap between electronics/hardware engineering and computer science/software engineering and provides a BEng degree education in the hardware and software aspects of computer systems engineering and applications.

Computer Science MSci/BSc (Hons)

The course covers the areas from theoretical aspects of computer science,  computer architecture and networking, programming and algorithms, to more advanced theories and development of intelligence systems on the Master's programme.

Computing BSc (Hons)

This is computing for the 21st Century! This course represents a highly practical approach to the core topics in computing with additional focus on web technologies and mobile computing systems and software development design.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng/BEng (Hons)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is advancing technology in communications, computing, energy generation and smart grids, rail transport and electric vehicles. Engineers are essential to the process and vitally important in the sustainable future.

Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons)

Electronic engineers are extremely important to the continuous development of technological society. Smartphones, tablet devices, computers, advanced communications capability, and energy saving devices all characterise the momentous impact that electronics has in our lives.

Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity MSci/BSc (Hons)

Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity is big business. According to the European Commission, the cost of computer crime is around 750 billion euros a year. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to lead the fight against cyber criminals and keep hard-earned assets secure.

Games Technology BSc (Hons)

The Games Technology course is a focused programming course aimed at producing specialised software developers with a broad understanding of the industry.

Information Technology for Business BSc (Hons)

This course prepares you for meeting the challenges of technological change and global competition, by teaching you fundamental elements of both business and IT.

Mathematics BSc (Hons)

The course will develop an appreciation for the intrinsic importance and beauty of mathematics, as well as its practical applications in industry or finance. A variety of interesting topics will be covered such as real and complex analysis, numerical methods, mathematical modelling, discrete mathematics, differential equations. 

Mathematics and Data Analytics MSci/BSc (Hons)

This course aims to provide the essential training needed for sophisticated analysts. This course brings together a range of mathematical, statistical and computational techniques that the modern data analyst needs.

Mathematics and Physics BSc (Hons) 

This course provides a strong practical approach to applied mathematics and theoretical physics, offering detailed and varied insight into a range of topics, such as fluid dynamics, cosmology, quantum mechanics and electromagnetism. A range of industry standard mathematical software will also be used to model real world problems.

Mathematics and Statistics BSc (Hons)

This course includes a blend of mathematical and statistical topics and tackles a variety of interesting and engaging problems from business forecasting to design of experiments and statistical modelling. The problem-solving approaches used will develop key graduate skills such as analytical and communication skills. 

Multimedia Computing BSc (Hons)

The problem-solving approaches used will develop key graduate skills such as analytical and communication skills. A range of industry standard mathematical and statistical software will also be used to model real world problems.

Physics BSc/MPhys

The course aims to provide a solid grounding in understanding fundamental concepts in physics. You will be taught to translate this understanding into mathematical and computational models, which then allow physical and real world problems to be solved using a variety of tools.