Compare Our Locations

Coventry University isn’t just based inside one big building. In fact, you can find us across five locations and that’s why we’re also called the Coventry University Group!

Wherever you choose to study you’ll graduate with a Coventry University award but all of our offerings are different, so you can pick the one to suit you.

At a glance

Our comparison grid gives you a way to compare and contrast the differences between each of our locations and courses.

Our five locations
  Coventry Uni Cov Uni London CU Coventry CU London CU Scarborough
£9250 £9250 £6,009 to £7,102 £6,200 to
£6,009 to
(Adult Nursing - subject to approval £9,250)
Assessment and teaching methods (e.g. exams, coursework) Exams, written & practical coursework (depending on course) Activity-led learning with a mixture of practical and written assessments No end of year exams
Study one module at a time
No end of year exams
Study one module at a time
No end of year exams
Study one module at a time
Hours study per week Teaching hours:
Contact hours vary depending on individual courses.

Classes are timetabled on weekdays between 9am to 6pm
Structured timetable

(20 hours per week):
Mornings (9am-1pm)
Afternoons (2pm-6pm)
Flexible study options:
Three to four days per week, 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm.

Two days per week 9am-6pm, with a tutorial on a third day.

Saturday 9am-6pm and two evenings 6pm-10pm.
Structured timetable:
Afternoons (1.30pm-5.30pm)
  • Lanchester Library
  • Student Hub (6 minutes away from Costa Coffee)
  • Food Court
  • Sports Centre
  • Student Union
  • Tank Studio (studio equipped with latest equipment for multimedia production)
  • Spirituality and Faith Centre
  • Enterprise Hub
  • Health and Wellbeing Centre

Health and Life Sciences
  • New Health & Life Sciences Building
  • Healthcare Simulation Rooms
  • Sports Therapy Clinic


  • High Performance Engineering Centre
  • Harrier Jump Jet for learning

Business and Law
  • Onsite trading floor hosting a Bloomberg terminal
  • Mock Law court

Arts and Humanities
  • Dedicated Fashion Studios
  • Clay Model Studio
Campus centrally located within walking distance from Liverpool Street Station.

A dedicated fashion studio

Onsite Trading Floor equipped with Bloomberg Terminals and a Standard & Poor’s computer suite

Enterprise Hub


Dedicated collaborative and silent study spaces

A Student Lounge and a Student Union

Meeting rooms for students
  • Labs
  • Café
  • Library
  • Study Rooms
  • IT Suites
  • Student Union
  • Grade II listed campus only 14 miles from central London.
  • Labs
  • Café
  • Library
  • Study Rooms
  • IT Suites
  • Student Union
State-of-the-art new campus, 10 min from seafront
Science & Engineering labs
Mock Law court
Social study spaces
  • 11 Student Halls
  • Private Housing
  • 2 Student Halls
  • Private housing
  • 11 Student Blocks
  • Private Housing
  • 2 Student Halls
  • Private housing
  • 6 Student Halls
  • Private Housing

*Please note that the availability of these different sessions is subject to student numbers