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Help to Grow: Management

Coventry Business School is offering a three-month, online and face-to-face practical management training programme. Delivered by Coventry Business School and accredited by the Small Business Charter, this course aims to support senior managers of small and medium sized businesses to boost their business resilience and long-term goals.

Each learner will receive 10 hours 1:2:1 mentorship from an experienced business mentor throughout the programme. At the end of the programme, each learner is expected to develop a business development action plan.

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Key topics


Strategy and innovation


Building vision and brand


Financial management


Leading for high performance

What our mentors and learners say...

Why should business leaders register for the Help to Grow: Management Course?

It covers critical topics like values and employee engagement that aren’t included in other management courses. The approach is very comprehensive and includes lectures, virtual learning environment, peer groups and 1:1 mentoring.

Jo Woods, Mentor - Shine Coaching

What do you hope the Help to Grow: Management Course will achieve?

I think the combination of academic learning and mentoring presents an excellent learning environment where the mentees can have the courage to try their ideas out, in a structured way. Create a supportive environment whereby leaders can ask for help and bring in experience from outside their management team to help them.

Les Gill, Mentor - TaBA Associates Ltd

What would you say to other business leaders who are thinking about signing up to the course?

I have found it to be a good course so far and has touched on good wide range of aspects of running a business, many of which are easy to lose sight of when you are head down actually focusing on the day to day tasks.  It has been a useful reminder to take a step back to take time to look at some of the bigger picture tasks when running a business.

Andrew James, Learner - Ellutia Ltd

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When do courses begin?

  • Courses run regularly until March 2025
  • Course length: 12 weeks part time
  • Cost: £750 – 90% subsidised by Government. Please note, some cohorts are fully funded at no cost to the company. Contact us to find out more.

The course includes four face-to-face sessions (subject to restrictions) so please choose a programme that you are able to travel to.

Region / Area
Start Date
Tuesday 17 September 2024
Online and face to face sessions will be held at CU Scarborough, Ashburn Rd, Scarborough YO11 2JW

Thursday 19 September 2024
Online and face to face sessions will be held at Coventry University campus, Coventry.

Module One: Strategy and Innovation

This module helps you understand what your value proposition is and gets you to start thinking of the business model and strategy to best position that value. It furthermore explores how innovation can help get you to the next level.  

Module Two: Digital Adoption 

This module will not only challenge you to start thinking about how you can use digitization to succeed in your business but will also highlight the risks, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities of the process so you can stay safe.

Module Three: Internationalisation and Winning New Markets (Case Study 1)

As the world becomes smaller, the market opportunities increase. How does an SME break into China? The United States? This session breaks down how Microfresh started and took their business to the world…and shows you how you can do it too.

Module Four: Vision, Purpose and Value

The Vision, Purpose and Value of your business are its soul and DNA. They not only give your business character and make it easier for customers to connect with you beyond just the product/service you offer but also are critical strategic tools to help you navigate your business. This module helps you explore your purpose and value and gives you the tools to draft your vision statement and begin developing a strong brand.

Module Five: Developing a Marketing Strategy

Moving on from understanding your businesses brand, this shows how you can leverage your brand in the market, identifying your customers and exploring different marketing strategies to reach them as well as offering useful commercial tools to help.

Module Six: Building a Brand Case Study

In this case study, you will break down how Cafeology built its brand and stayed true to its purpose and values through difficulties. You will then look at what strategic actions to take and tools to use to support the brand and marketing strategy for your own business

Module Seven: Organisational Design

Until you are clear about what growth means to your organisation, it will be difficult to take control of it. This module helps you clearly articulate what areas of your business you want to see growth in and engages you to design an agile business structure to support growth- no matter what.

Module Eight: Employee Engagement and Leading Change 

This module focuses on how you can develop yourself to effectively lead your organisation through change and engage your employees to do their best work.

Module Nine: High Performance Workplace Case Study

This module will analyse the business model of Integrated Transport Planning Ltd., (ITP). It will look at their organisational structure, leadership, and employee engagement, and how these relate closely to the company’s values and purpose, as well as supports their commercial success

Module Ten: Efficient Operations

Every organisation is driven by its people, processes, and technology – its operations. In this module you will learn how to apply process mapping and Continuous Improvement to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Module Eleven: Finance and Financial Management 

Cash is the bloodline of every business, and this module will help you measure the financial health of your organisation. It will also help you understand where it’s coming from, where it’s going and point you to where you can raise more if you need it.

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