Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look below at our most asked questions regarding the course interview process at Coventry University.

  • There are many reasons your course might have a selection process. Some courses have accreditations which mean an interview is essential, others have had feedback from current students that meeting tutors and potential course mates before an offer is given is helpful when choosing a university.

  • Please contact us as soon as possible either by email, telephone or live chat to discuss changing the date and time. We will do our best to help, however if the course you are being assessed for has limited spaces we may not be able to offer you an alternative date and time.

  • We want you to feel comfortable and well-informed before taking part in any of our selection processes. Our admissions team are happy to help and you can contact them at

  • In most cases this is encouraged. Your guidance notes will tell you what to prepare and where to send it.

  • Please refer to the guidance notes for your course for information on anything you might need to prepare.

  • The tutor leading your session will explain at the beginning what to do if you lose connection. If you experience prolonged difficulties, we may ask you to book a slot on a different date. Technical difficulties do not have any detrimental impact on your application.

  • The group or individual person will introduce themselves to you at the beginning of the session. Some processes will be a group format, so you will get the chance to meet other applicants too.

    • If your course is health related, you may meet people who have used the service related to your course as part of the process.
    • HLS interviews can be conducted by one or multiple people depending on course and availability of people. HLS interviews usually hosted by one person rather than a panel: Children and Young People's Nursing BSc
    • CU Scarborough interviews usually hosted by one person rather than a panel: all courses.
  • No, your session will not be recorded.

  • We regularly add new dates, so please do keep checking back on the link in your email. We understand it can be frustrating when you’re prepared to book and nothing is available, but we want to make sure you have the best experience possible so behind the scenes we’re working with the interview panels to release new dates as frequently as possible.

  • We will email you an invitation to book an interview for the course you have applied for or for a suitable alternative course, using the email address you have provided on your application.

    • You must book an interview within 14 days of receiving the booking invitation.
    • We will follow up with an email reminder if you do not book a slot within this time period.
    • If the course you have applied for has limited spaces and you do not book an interview slot within 14 days of the invitation, we unfortunately may not be able to offer you an interview for that course. We therefore strongly encourage applicants to book interviews as soon as possible.
    • Interviews must be booked ahead of the UCAS reject by default deadlines. These will be published on the UCAS site. This applies to all applicants, even if you did not apply via UCAS.
  • The interview invitation will show you the interview dates and times available, to help ensure you are able to book a date and time convenient to you.

    • You must make every effort to attend your booked interview date and time.
    • If you have a change in circumstance or if you are unable to attend the interview you have booked, you must inform us as soon as possible by telephone or email . If your interview is less than 24 hours away, you must notify us by telephone that you are no longer able to attend.
    • You can contact us by email on, or call us on +44 (0)247 765 2222.
    • If you are unable to attend the interview you have booked, we will try to offer you an alternative interview date and/or time, subject to availability. Unfortunately, we may not be able to offer you an alternative interview if the course you have applied for has limited spaces or if it is close to the UCAS deadline.
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