Dr. Alexander Kazamias

Alexander Kazamias is Senior Lecturer in Politics at Coventry University.  He was visiting research fellow at Princeton University in 2005 and the University of Edinburgh in 2011.  His research interests cover the politics and history of modern Greece, Greek-Turkish relations, the history of modern Egypt and critical international relations theory.  He is author of Greece and the Cold War, London, I.B. Tauris, 2014 and of several journal articles and book chapters, such as ‘Antiquity as Cold War Propaganda: The Political Use of the Classical Past in Post-Civil War Greece’, D. Tziovas (ed) Reimagining the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture, Oxford University Press, 2014.  He has presented twenty-five conference papers and has given guest lectures on diverse aspects of his research at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Moscow State, Cairo, Edinburgh and King’s College, London.  His press contributions include articles in leading British, Greek and Arabic newspapers and periodicals, like the Times Literary Supplement, Kathimerini, Anti, Ta Nea, Economicos Tachydromos and Al-Ahram Weekly and his media appearances cover interviews for BBC Radio 5, BBC1, Russia Today and Greek State Television (ERT).            

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  • Kazamias, A. (2001) 'L'Unione Monetaria Europea: Storia di una contro-egemonia? [European Currency Union: The history of a counter-hegemony?]'. In L'Euro - Scenari Economici e Dimensione Simbolica. Ed. by Sommo, L.C. Milan: Guerini Associati, 89-100.
  • Kazamias, A. (1997) 'The quest for modernisation in Greek foreign policy and its limitations'. Mediterranean Politics 2 (2), 71-94.
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