Data Science research centre widens the scope of its work to ‘Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling’

Monday 21 June 2021

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Coventry University’s Research Centre for Data Science is broadening the scope of its work and changing its name to the ‘Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling’ (CSM).

The name change offers a more resilient reflection of the breadth of research delivered by the centre and demonstrates the success of the centre’s work since its inception in January 2020.

Whilst data science and artificial intelligence remain at the core of the centre’s priority areas, the name change will better reflect the scope of activity in the centre. 

Data science is an integral function of industries and economies globally and has witnessed a continuous upward trend in the volume of researchers who use data science for their work. The name change supports a stronger outlook for the future, where CSM will be better understood and represented within the research environment.

The centre develops cutting edge research, summarised by its four themes; AI for cyberphysical systems, machine learning for computer vision, fundamental algorithms for artificial intelligence and statistical and computational modelling. This includes the analysis and exploitation of mass data (Big Data) to focus on key challenges such as in healthcare and improving quality of life, life sciences, industry and the use of technologies and the development of smart cities and greener and efficient transport systems.

The centre is also interested in the policy and ethical considerations arising from the application of the computational and mathematical sciences societal and technological problems.

The new name demonstrates a better reflection of the centre’s research activity, focusing on the applications of computational sciences to today’s social and ethical challenges. The development and application of algorithmic, statistical and mathematical modelling is applied to a wide range of technological and societal problems.

Centre Director, Professor Damien Foster

CSM's research is both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, with collaborations within Coventry University and beyond. The range of academic disciplines covered range from life sciences, physics, mathematics and engineering, to applications in the social sciences and humanities.

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