Exhibition Exploring the Harsh Realities of Homelessness

Friday 10 January 2020

Press contact

Anthony Luvera

A new exhibition, Anthony Luvera: Taking Place, visualises the scale of the homelessness crisis in the UK.

Taking Place displays art and policy through several mediums including photographs, sound recordings, text visuals and video footage. The exhibition asks audiences to consider the difficulties faced by those experiencing homelessness, particularly when seeking access to care and support systems. Anthony Luvera, from Coventry University's Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, has collaborated with homeless communities across the UK to produce the exhibition. It is made up of two collaborative installations, Assembly (2013-14) and Frequently Asked Questions (2014-ongoing).

The project was “devised as a way to provide information in the gallery space about homeless support services provided by local authorities around the country,” says Luvera.

Taking Place will also host a programme of public events to enable attendees to unpack the issues at stake in the artworks.

Assembly and Frequently Asked Questions have been touring across the country, and are moving to The Gallery at Foyles in London from the 11th January to the 29th February.