CU Researcher Wins International Award for PhD Thesis

Monday 22 June 2015

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Dr Jeane Gerard, a research associate within the Centre for Advances in Behaviourial Science, has received the coveted Richard Block Award for her PhD thesis. The award is given annually by the Homicide Research Working Group in recognition of outstanding research on the topic of homicide and/or lethal violence.

The focus of Dr Gerard’s PhD thesis is juvenile homicide in England and Wales, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Recognising that much of the current research is focused in the United States of America, Dr Gerard aims to further international research in the field. As such, the thesis explores the characteristics of juvenile homicide offenders, as well as their victims and the crime scene, across the three European countries.

Dr Gerard will receive her prestigious award in a ceremony at the American Society of Crimonology conference in November. Speaking on the announcement, she said she was “happily surprised” to receive the wonderful recognition of her work.