Postgraduate researcher showcases mathematical sciences project at the UK Parliament

Tuesday 05 March 2024

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A Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) from Coventry University presented his research at the UK Parliament after being shortlisted for the renowned STEM for Britain 2024 award.

Abiola Babatunde, PGR at the Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSM), was chosen from hundreds of early-career researchers to participate in a showcase of leading research conducted across UK universities.

His research falls within the Mathematical Sciences category of the award, which recognises outstanding contributions to scientific advancement.

The STEM for Britain award acknowledges researchers who not only demonstrate excellence in science and engineering but also possess the ability to effectively communicate their research in a clear and engaging way.

Abiola’s research, titled ‘Using Set Covering Problem Variants to Detect Genes Responsible for Diseases’ seeks to push the boundaries of what we know through computer science research. By expanding our understanding of complex problem-solving methodologies, Abiola’s research uses novel algorithms to tackle many real-life challenges.

Abiola explains:

In the world of problem-solving, there's a well-known challenge called the ‘Set Covering Problem’. It's like a puzzle, where you try to cover all your bases with the least effort or resources. But there's a new twist on this problem, called the ‘Set Covering Problem with Reasons’ (SCPR). This new approach doesn't just look at how to solve the puzzle but also asks "why?" — why these particular pieces are the best choices.

This idea of adding "why" into the mix is a big deal because it changes how we think about solving problems. Instead of just finding a solution, we're also trying to understand the reasons behind it.

The cool part about SCPR is that it helps us get to the bottom of things. By understanding "why," we can make smarter choices and come up with better solutions to problems that affect us all.

Abiola Babatunde, PGR, CSM

Dr Matthew England, Co-Director, CSM, celebrates the achievement:

The STEM for Britain finalist’s exhibition is a prestigious event that has been held annually since 1997.

It is fantastic for Coventry University’s Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling to be represented here and it is a wonderful achievement for Abiola.

It is also inspiring to see the successes of our postgraduate community, particularly someone who started off as a master’s student with us and has continued their academic journey with great success.

Dr Matthew England, Co-Director, CSM

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