Research Centre launches industry sponsored postgraduate research programme in Machine Learning for Computer Algebra

Friday 22 July 2022

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Coventry University’s Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling (CSM) have successfully inducted their first Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) into a specialist industry focused PhD programme, sponsored by world-leading software company, Maplesoft.

CSM were delighted to welcome PGR Rashid Barket to Coventry in June 2022, following Rashid’s relocation from the West Coast of Canada, to work alongside university researchers and industry experts at Maplesoft.

The PhD programme titled ‘Machine Learning Technology to Improve Symbolic Integration and Simplification in a Leading Computer Algebra System’ will focus on how machine (computer) learning technologies can improve and simplify Maplesoft’s flagship computer algebra system, Maple.

The specialist software, is known for its exact mathematical computation, meaning answers are given symbolically free from any numerical rounding error. This project will utilise the power of machine learning to optimise the Maple system, without sacrificing these exact answers.

Dr Matthew England said: 

We really value this partnership with Maplesoft as it validates the importance of this line of research and gives a great path for the impact of our science:  the software Maple is used in universities around the world; businesses such as Dreamworks, BMW, and Sony; and even includes NASA.  The research project seeks to improve a widely used part of Maple and so has the potential to improve the experience for many such users.

Dr Matthew England, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling

Rashid Barket had been appointed to this programme following his studies into Machine Learning and Computer Algebra at Simon Fraser University.

Rashid Barket said:

As a first year PhD student, I have learnt lots from my fellow peers and professors at CSM. As an avid user of Maple, getting to work with Maplesoft to develop state-of-the-art models to improve their functionality is exciting. I look forward to spending time with Maplesoft's research team and seeing how my work has a direct impact on their software.

Rashid Barket, Postgraduate Researcher, Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling

The distinctiveness of this carefully structured programme includes input from Maplesoft’s Director of Research, Dr Jürgen Gerhard, who will form a key component of Rashid’s supervisory team, offering an exceptional example of combining research and innovation.

Dr Jürgen Gerhard said:

For Maplesoft, this project is very interesting because so far we do not have many uses of Machine Learning in our flagship product, Maple, and we are very much looking forward to seeing the research results that Coventry will come up with. 

Dr Jürgen Gerhard, Senior Director of Research at Maplesoft

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