Dr Marcos Kauffman publishes a forward-thinking book to help businesses understand and benefit from Industry 4.0

Monday 18 October 2021

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Dr Marcos Kauffman, the Director of Coventry University’s Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME), has published a new book entitled ‘Profiting from Industry 4.0: The road to future value in manufacturing’.

As a result of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), the manufacturing industry is undergoing a phenomenal level of transformation that affects all businesses involved and results in new opportunities for value creation across the supply chain.

Industry 4.0 is a term used to describe the latest application of digital technologies into advanced manufacturing, allowing for improved processes to become more cost efficient, sustainable and agile.

Dr Marcos Kauffman’s book is based on three years of empirical research study that critically analysed how digital transformation affects manufacturing business models by conducting in-depth interviews with senior managers and engineers across manufacturing organisations.

The book also builds upon the first-hand knowledge acquired through a series of AME projects with industrial partners across the manufacturing value chain aimed at developing and exploring new processes and technologies to support manufacturers to deliver solutions that address the latest environmental, economic and technological challenges.

Overall, the piece can be seen as a blueprint for helping small and medium enterprises to explore the opportunities and challenges from innovation in the manufacturing sector with real case studies. It will also help them to start capturing value from their investment in Industry 4.0 technologies and taking a commercial lead in their supply chains.

Although innovation is now recognised by all as one of the key aspects of manufacturing, the risks are too often overlooked, and manufacturers often find themselves in a difficult position where they are not able to obtain a return of investment in innovation through digital technologies. This book provides a strategic perspective, a set of tools and guidelines to help businesses capture value from their investment in digital technologies and profit from Industry 4.0.

Dr Marcos Kauffman, Director of the AME

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