Coventry University becomes a member of the Emergent Alliance

Friday 04 September 2020

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Coventry University, led by the Centre for Business and Society, has joined the Emergent Alliance

The Emergent Alliance (EA) is a not-for-profit collaboration of global organisations, founded as a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis.  The new initiative aims to aid societal recovery by drawing on the expertise of over 60 corporate members (including Rolls Royce, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Whitespace, ODI Leeds and LIDA), volunteer data citizens with access to corporate data and a global catalogue of open and private datasets to help inform decision-making on industry, regional and global economic challenges.

Coventry University researchers, led by the Centre for Business in Society (CBiS), will contribute to the alliance’s efforts to provide businesses and society with a better understanding of the opportunities for recovery, derived from the acquisition and analysis of data and their transformation into actionable insight.

By becoming one of the few academic institutions in the Emergent Alliance, Coventry University now has an opportunity to collaborate with global partners in the joint efforts to model green economic recovery, through five challenge areas:  

  1. Demands for goods and services  
  2. Labour markets and how we work  
  3. Collaboration and localisation 
  4. Sustainability  
  5. Mobility  

The results of collaborations between existing members of the alliance are already informing decision-making within government, academic institutions, policy makers, and sectors such as public transport, healthcare, travel and tourism.

As a member of the Emergent Alliance we will collaborate with public and private sector organisations, to share skill sets, datasets and technology solutions, to develop data-driven business models and technology solutions that are informed by our understanding of the social and ethical issues associated with secure data use.

Coventry University will contribute to the current debate on the impact of the latest technologies on business and society by providing deeper insights into big data’s impact in areas such as innovation and strategy across a range of sectors, as well as the business, ethical, social, privacy and security challenges it poses.

Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Co-Lead for the CBiS Data, Organisations and Society Cluster and Reader in Cyber-Security Management

Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez has led this initiative on behalf of the university and is acting as the main contact for the Alliance, drawing on expertise from across the university.

For more details, please visit the Emergent Alliance website.