Tales of Two Studies – Solving a Social Conflict or Seeking a Financial Benefit

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Tuesday 12 March 2024

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM


Room 2F, HDTI Building, Puma Way, Coventry, CV1 2TT

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This event will discuss research approaches in economics and finance: can there be a conflict?


This presentation introduces the two opposite research approaches in economics and finance, done by the same author adopting similar quantitative tools. It aims to give an idea to the audience about how to expand their research horizon. The first study tries to generate a research impact by analysing a social conflict using economic tools. Specifically, it shows how social conflicts can arise over new trade policies and how those can be resolved, focusing on capital mobility between industries.

The second study, with no concern for societal impacts, pursues a way of making more money in financial markets using econometrics. Particularly, it analyses how investors with limited abilities can find industry sectors where they are expected to make more profits.


Dr Jin Suk Park is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI), Coventry University, United Kingdom.

His research interests cover a range of subjects including economic, financial and business studies. He also investigates interdisciplinary topics related to cultures and social unrest. His articles were published in reputable academic journals like Regional Studies, Annals of Tourism Research, Transportation Research Part E, Financial Analysts Journal and International Review of Financial Analysis.

He was awarded a PhD from the University of Nottingham after graduating with an MSc degree in economics and finance from the University of York. He taught at Durham University full-time until 2014 before joining Oxford Brookes University in 2014 as a senior lecturer. Since 2015, he has been researching and lecturing at Coventry University.

Area of Expertise:
Applied econometrics
Financial econometrics
Sectoral and regional studies – transportation, port/maritime, tourism and energy/utilities,
East Asia, Europe and Sub-Saharan African regions.