Value and Price in Higher Education for International Students

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Tuesday 25 April 2023 to Tuesday 02 May 2023

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Value and Price in HE for International Students: Evaluating the Influence of Congruence Between Ranking Scores and Tuition Fees of HEIs on International Students’ Value Perceptions, and Cognitive And Behavioural Responses

The research aims to evaluate the influence of the congruence of tuition fees and ranking scores of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on international students’ cognitive and behavioural responses.

HEIs in the UK were clustered into five categories based on their overall ranking scores in all those six ranking tables, and mean ranking scores were calculated for each cluster. Those ranking scores are represented to respondents, international students at the business school in the UK, along with the two different pricing strategies: fixed tuition fees for higher and lower-ranking universities and different tuition fees changing in line with ranking scores.

They also will be asked about the perceived value of a master’s program (functional, emotional, social, epistemic, time, money) from an institution they have chosen, the credibility of the university, and the uniqueness of the institution.

In the Questionnaire, HEIs in the first cluster, the best-ranking universities in the UK, were utilized as a context brand. Therefore, students will be asked to answer questions about lower-ranking institutions, comparing them with a higher-ranking institution in the first cluster. We are in the data collection process, and we hope to provide a piece of evidence that when the tuition fee of a program is set in line with university ranking scores, it is evaluated as a signal of the quality of that program. Thereby, it influences the perceived added value of that program, the universities' credibility, perceived differentiation, and students' preferences.


For enquiries please contact Onder Kethuda, Visiting Scholar, Centre for Global Learning (GLEA)