Teenage Girls, Positive Minds: Festival of Social Science

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Saturday 11 November 2023

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM


Lanchester Library, Coventry University



Event details

This event forms part of Coventry University's Festival of Social Science.

When friends excessively talk about their problems with each other, they can make themselves feel worse, rather than better. This phenomenon, known as ‘co-rumination’, often happens amongst teenage girls – and it can have negative effects on mental wellbeing in the long-run.

In this two-hour event we’ll showcase an awareness campaign about co-rumination, run between universities in Coventry, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

You’ll get the chance to join some guided mindfulness exercises and be the first in the UK to try out our app, designed to help teenage girls to talk about big problems in a beneficial and mutually constructive way.

Who's leading the event?

  • Dr. Kim Bul, Assistant Professor, Coventry University.
  • Dr. Patricia Vuijk, Professor, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Teenage girls, secondary school teachers, parents, healthcare professionals, mental health professionals. Please ensure that all young people are accompanied by an adult.

*All children and young people (aged under 18) must be accompanied by an adult.