Science Unbottled: The latest ideas in sport and exercise science

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Thursday 09 March 2023

06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Metropolis Restaurant, Earl St, Coventry, CV1 5RU



Event details

This event is being rescheduled, please check back later for the new date.

The Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences (CSELS) are excited to invite you to 'Science Unbottled', an event that will explore some of the latest ideas in science surrounding health and sporting performance.

As the first event in the series, ‘Science Unbottled’ is going to take place bimonthly and will bring researchers from across Coventry University to your local pub / café / sports club to discuss their research and generate an open conversation about science.

Believing that everyone should be able discuss the research taking place on our doorstep, the event aims to create an environment for the audience in which everyone is comfortable to attend, engage and cultivate curiosity.

The first event will include three talks:

  • 'The expectation effect – how your belief’s shape your reality’,  Dr Matt Hill
  • 'The science of developing skilful youth footballers: Where coaches go wrong and what we can do about it’, Prof Mike Duncan
  • ‘How did COVID-19 impact the physical activity levels of older adults? And what have we learned?’ Dr Darren Richardson