Personal identities and the transition from school to university: Festival of Social Science

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Wednesday 08 November 2023

04:30 PM - 06:00 PM


Coventry University

Event details

This event forms part of Coventry University's Festival of Social Science. 

Colleagues from our Centre for Global Learning are conducting ongoing research into pronoun usage and gender markers in Higher Education. We invite A-level and equivalent home-schooled students to hear about research of the importance of identities when going to university.

Hearing your stories is important to how your educational experiences have been shaped and expectations you have of university staff as you embark on educational journeys.

In this session, our research will be shared prior to splitting into ‘story circles’ where participants can share ideas and experiences. We encourage you to bring an object which represents your identity as a discussion piece (ex: a trinket, photo, clothing).

Who's leading the event? 

Alun DeWinter and Kayden Schumacher, Centre for Global Learning, Coventry University.


All interested participants but may be of particular interest to those studying social sciences or gender studies, or individuals who are interested in expression of personal identities, or who may use alternative on non-binary pronouns themselves.

*All children and young people (aged under 18) must be accompanied by an adult.

Scheduling Information

The total runtime of the session is 90 minutes.

1. Introduction to the session and ground rules (5 mins)

2. Potential for a guest speaker to discuss their own experiences (10 minutes) (NB if this is not possible, we will adjust the timings accordingly)

2. GLEA presentation on current pronouns research; what it is we looked at, why, and what we found (15 mins)

3. Questions and answers (10 mins)

4. Story circles (15 people max = can do up to two circles in one session) (35 mins). The Talking piece will be used in these discussions with some guiding questions from the facilitators/leads/teachers/parents

5. A ‘quick drawing’ session where participants can draw or write their reactions to the session on a piece of A3 paper (5 – 10 mins)

6. Conclusion (5 mins)