Charge on or charge off? Perceptions of EV charging infrastructure in the UK

An electric car being charged
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Tuesday 30 January 2024

12:30 PM - 02:00 PM


SCGF, Simulation Centre, Technology Park, Puma Way, CV1 2TT

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This event will discuss issues concerning charging infrastructure for EVs and the current perceptions of these changes.


The expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a critical component of securing a sustainable transition to cleaner mobility, and ultimately supporting the achievement of the broader net zero agenda. However, it is widely regarded that the quality and availability of current infrastructure is suboptimal, leading to concerns that this will slow the transition.

Drawing on the perceptions and experiences of a sample of UK motorists, this seminar will discuss some of the current challenges facing drivers as well as some of the concerns of those yet to switch to electric. Critically, such challenges were impacted by access to charging at home or work, with those able to use these facilities able to enjoy a more beneficial EV experience.

This raises questions as to who benefits from the transition, and how those dependent on public charging can be better served. As such, potential solutions to these challenges will also be discussed, assessing where motorists feel than additional infrastructure will have most benefit. Also, given the UK Government’s decision to delay the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles until 2035, how will this impact the shift to EVs? And what are the consequences of this change?


Dr Andrew Jones in an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University. He is part of the Economic Transformation, Inclusion and Entrepreneurship (ETIE) and the Sector, Economic Equality, and Responsible Finance Studies (SEERFS) clusters. His principal research interest is in the field of economic development, with a specific focus on the role of sustainable transport in cultivating economic and societal change.