Gardening as a creative practice – Menthology (National Collection of Mint cultivars)

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Tuesday 20 June 2023

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


Hybrid: Online or in person at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Wolston Ln, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry CV8 3LG



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Dr Simon Poole: As a creative producer and entrepreneur, my enterprise and professional activity advances the use and understanding of creativity, creative learning, pedagogy and creative practice as part of our lives, and intrinsic to our wellbeing. I instigate such enterprise through the connection of the education, health and social care sectors with the arts and culture sector, to collaboratively place creativity, creative practice, pedagogy and learning as a key part of working for these sectors.


Gardening in Education is a prescient means of understanding the value of creativity in our lives and of developing an eco-pedagogy that transforms the lives of all learners; regardless of the challenges or triumphs that our lived experiences have afforded us. It creates a sense of be-longing for all learners, by developing understandings of self-cultivation, social justice, equity, wellbeing and crucially a shared appreciation of where and how we live. This seminar will briefly outline some of these ideas before exploring the links between gardening and creative practices, not to mention the potential obstacles still facing the otherwise growing interest in the intersection between education, art and design, and gardens.