ChatGPT and Generative/Open AI: myths and real challenges

Chat GPT concept with the words CHAT GPT
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Friday 19 May 2023

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM


SCGF, Simulation Centre, Technology Park, Puma Way, CV1 2TT

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This event will aim to demystify ChatGPT and Generative/Open AI to provide clearer view of the changes/challenges entailed by these technologies.


Open calls for a pause on AI research by Elon Musk, Tech Giants in disarray, predictions of massive destruction of white collar jobs, universities banning the use of ChatGPT… no need to say that the advent of GPT, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, etc. has created quite a stir. As usual in such massive hypes, it is easy to get lost in the myth and completely miss what actually matters.

The aim of this talk is to shed a light on the complex (and confusing) issue of the strategic, social, and economic consequences of generative and open AI. By assessing the degree of novelty of the technology (in fact very little), as well as its limits, it is possible to identify what has fundamentally changed and what has (despite all the hype) not.

Instead of the claimed “technological breakthrough”, we are witnessing a “usage breakthrough”, indeed bearer of massive disruptions, but more for established companies, governments and regulators, than it may have on individual workers. Far from making humans obsolete, the intrinsic limitations of Generative AI, may, instead make humans even more valuable, but also completely redefine issues of ethics, liability, regulation. Besides the still very centralised GPT/Open.AI, real disruption may arise from the always greater availability of pre-trained AI modules.


Thierry Rayna (PhD, Habil.) is a Chaired Professor of Technology for Change at the École Polytechnique in Paris, within the Department of Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, and a fellow of the CNRS Innovation Interdisciplinary Institute (i³). Prof. Rayna’s research investigate the consequences brought about by digital technologies (peer-to-peer networks, blockchain, cloud, platforms, 3D printing, IoT, A.I.…) on business strategy, organisation, and public policy. In particular, his research focuses business model innovation, ecosystem governance, and impact (environmental, social, economic). Prof. Rayna has a long track record of collaboration with companies (small and large) and policymakers in various industry sectors ‘disrupted’ by digital technologies.