Using Kitchen Table Pedagogy for a Radical Rethink on 'Healthy Eating'

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Thursday 17 March 2022

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Online via Teams



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Public health agendas influenced by western science seek to promote healthy eating for population wellbeing. A range of food workers remind us that racism, trauma, poverty and more shape people’s eating behaviours and limit food choice. But the notion of ‘healthy eating’ per se is typically presented as self-evidently vital and a framing we can all get behind as practically useful. In this seminar we’ll explore other ways of thinking about healthy eating that trouble these certainties. In particular, I’ll suggest that the construct of ‘healthy eating’ emerges from and stabilises the assumptions and values of coloniality. This means that far from than enabling human flourishing, public health nutrition agendas that uncritically reproduce the phrase also reproduce norms that sustain health inequity, systemic violences, and earth-human disconnect, and that other framings are possible and already exist.


Lucy Aphramor is a radical dietitian and Associate Professor of Gender, Power and the Right to Food at Coventry University. Drawing on lived and professional experiences, Lucy developed an approach to therapeutic food work that bridges personal and collective healing as entwined with social change. They are recognised internationally for contributions to dietetic scholarship and practice concerning fat rights, emancipatory pedagogy, compassion, queerness and trauma.


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