Smartness that really matters: Reaching new levels of customer satisfaction for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

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Wednesday 23 November 2022

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM


JA141, Jaguar building, Coventry University



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Recent COVID-19 disruptions around the world have provided frequent reminders that we live in an unpredictable and changing world.

It has become imperative for channel entities to incorporate risk management tools in the management of their supply chains. Further, there is no surety that supply chain players will conform to environmental norms and compliance standards, even as more and more of these are enforced into practice, the organisations most likely to get stranded are the ones looking simply at cutting supply chain costs. Smart operations, digital supply chains and sustainability can be considered from different points of view which imply an integration of industrial engineering, business informatics, management, and operations research competencies.

This talk will discuss about the new emerging research methodologies which are geared towards providing and developing effective solutions for performance/risk analysis of integrated supply chain networks, making it smarter. Briefly, this talk will provide key insights and future research directions while addressing emerging modeling and optimizing approaches which integrates various supply chain functions; capture all process-related information including activities, resources, and organisational units as well as their interdependencies to support complex dynamic and distributed supply chain smart operations, thus providing strong implications for academia and supply chain practitioners.


Dr Vipul Jain is the Director of Doctoral programmes at School of Management and an Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Logistics Management at Wellington School of Business and Government, Wellington New Zealand. Vipul is highly cited in his area of research on Operations and Supply Chain Management and has more than 110 archival publications to his credit in high impact factor journals, as well as conference papers and books chapters. Vipul is serving as an Associate Editor, Area Editor and editorial board member for seven prestigious journals. Vipul has been actively involved in conducting Management Development Programmes/Training Programmes for Senior Managers and Executives of Public and Private Organisations in Asia on various issues and challenges encountered in Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.