The Economic Transformation of Coventry City

Coventry city centre aerial view
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Wednesday 13 April 2022

01:00 PM - 02:15 PM






Over the last number of decades Coventry has undergone significant transformation socially and economically. This Seminar explores two aspects of these changes. In the first part of the event Dr Jason Begley will explore structural change in the local economy, demonstrating through occupational shifts how the emphasis on automotive production activities that were the most significant industrial presence in Coventry up to the turn of the Millenium, has given way to a number of service sector activities, most notably in education and health. In the second part of the Seminar Shamala Evans-Gadgil will turn to economic future of the city, looking at Coventry's role as a living lab where innovative technical solutions are trialled on a regular basis. The presentation will touch on innovative projects, some of which are first in UK, with a specific emphasis on one emerging technological solution, Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT).