Corporate Blockchain Technology Adoption: Drivers and Barriers

Businessman in blockchain cryptocurrency concept
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Tuesday 06 December 2022

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM



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In the face of rising global competition, innovations have significantly impacted long-term strategies, rendering firms' digitalisation and technology adoption critical. As markets and technologies evolve, firms participating in global marketplaces face issues and opportunities.

Blockchain technology is a decentralised record distributed across millions of computers and uses cutting-edge cryptographic techniques. Blockchain technology shifts our society, which previously relied on a third-party mediator to settle trust issues, to a decentralised autonomous environment.

Blockchain technology was exploited for the first time after the global financial crisis in 2007 by an unknown entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto when he introduced cryptocurrencies. This workshop will cover the background of Blockchain Technology, the present state of Cryptocurrencies, their relationship to financial institutions, and literature findings on the variables that facilitate and hinder firms' adoption of the technology.


Medina Ayta Mohammed is a visiting researcher at Coventry University's Center for Financial and Corporate Integrity and a predoctoral researcher at the University of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain. Her research focuses on the factors that affect how organisations adopt new technologies, specifically blockchain technology.