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Thursday 24 June 2021

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM





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Earthwatch Europe is an environmental NGO with science at its heart. Their sustainable agriculture programme focuses on connecting farmers with soil health and water quality through collaborative citizen science to support changes that benefit farmers and the environment. This builds on their globally successful FreshWater Watch programme which has been recognised by local communities, water companies, policy makers and the research community as a valuable tool in assessing water quality. Earthwatch’s approaches are inclusive and action-oriented; they believe that strong collaborations lead to impactful research programmes.

Speaker Bio

Martha Crockatt is a Research Manager in Sustainable Agriculture at Earthwatch Europe, where she has worked since 2010. She has a PhD in the ecology of endangered fungi from Cardiff University, where she also completed her undergraduate degree in biology. She has been a Visiting Research Associate at University of Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment 2011-2019. Martha has experience and research expertise in forest ecology and carbon cycling, citizen science, science communication, and sustainable agriculture, especially soil health, water quality and agroforestry.

Photo credit: John Hunt