Decolonisation (beyond) the Curriculum: Early Insights from Staff and Student research at Coventry University

RMF Statue Removal, Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0, Desmond Bowles
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Wednesday 13 October 2021

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM


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Photo credit: RMF Statue Removal - Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 - Desmond Bowles

Event Overview

This seminar showcases the process, insights, and impact of three strands of work acting concurrently at Coventry University, mapping discourses and practices of decolonisation and anti-racism, and promoting local conversation among staff and students. In particular, it will focus on exploring how decolonising the curriculum is one aspect within the broader project of decolonising the university, and the latter's implications for pedagogical and organisational theory, institutional governance, and student experience.

Presentations will include perspectives from staff and students, critical theoretical framings, and introduce a re-usable teaching object linking back collective storytelling to decolonising the curriculum.

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