Equity and Attainment seminar with Dr Wendy Green and Professor Stephen Small

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Friday 25 May 2018

02:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Jaguar Building Coventry University

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We are pleased to announce the next event in our research seminar series hosted as part of the Equity and Attainment Theme of Coventry University’s Research Centre, Global Learning: Education and Attainment (GLEA) on 25th May 2018 14:00 – 17:00 in room JAG28 in the Jaguar Building Professor Christine Broughan and Dr Caroline Wilson from GLEA will be delivering the seminar ‘What works? A framework to enable effective design of student engagement intervention activities aimed at increasing equity of attainment opportunity.’ Michelle McLardy from the School of Marketing and Management will deliver the seminar ‘International Postgraduate Students: The Challenges of Equity in Experience and Achievement’ Professor Stephen Small, University of California, Berkeley will be delivering the seminar ‘How capitalizing on the knowledge and cultures of all our staff and students could make universities dynamic and successful learning spaces fit for the future.’ Dr Wendy Green, Visiting Scholar, University of Tasmania, Australia will be delivering the seminar ‘Engaging all students as partners in global learning: Changing the way we imagine and practice ‘international education’.


Christine Broughan is Professor of Higher Education and equity and attainment theme lead for the Research Centre for Global Learning: Education and Attainment (GLEA).

Currently she leads the £1m HEFCE Catalyst-funded DRIVER project, a West Midlands regional partnership project to address barriers to student success using learner analytics, and the Coventry lead on two further HEFCE-funded projects: Interventions for Success and Exploring the Efficacy of Measuring Learning Gain. Christine has a proven track record in education leadership, teaching and research.

Caroline Wilson is a researcher investigating equity and attainment in Higher Education. Reflecting Coventry University’s global profile this involves researching related issues such as international education and global citizenship. She is the evaluator on the DRIVER project, a West Midlands partnership initiative to address barriers to student success. She is also working on several projects around analysis of feedback to improve teaching and the student experience. She has published on teaching excellence, gender disparity in HE, and behaviour change.

Michelle McLardy is a lecturer in the School of Marketing and Management and is currently undertaking her doctorate in education.  Her research focuses on the impact of socialisation on student engagement and the postgraduate student experience. 

Stephen Small, PhD.  teaches in the Department of African American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also earned his Ph.D. 

He previously taught at the University of Warwick, the University of Leicester and the University of Massachusetts.  He was Director of UC Study abroad programs in in Spain (2013-2015), France (2002-2004), and in Brazil, each summer between 2001-2005. He is currently a faculty member of the Black Europe Summer School in Amsterdam; and the Decolonizing Knowledge and Power Institute in Barcelona. His new book – 20 Questions and Answers on Black Europe – was published January, 2018, and builds on his research and teaching on race and ethnic relations in Europe over the last 30 years.

The new book defines and interrogates key aspects of Black Europe, and describes and elaborates the circumstances of Black people across twelve nations in Europe (including the UK). In particular he highlights what the UK and Europe share in common, how they differ, and what the UK can both learn and contribute to understanding the Black experience in Europe. 

Dr Wendy Green is a senior lecturer (adjunct) in the School of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia. As an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellow she is leading work on engaging students as partners in global learning. Her fellowship has supported projects, which engage student and staff collaboratively in global learning, at home and abroad, in the formal and co-curriculum.

Wendy is Executive Editor of the journal, Higher Education Research & Development. For over a decade, Wendy’s research has focused on the impact of globalisation on higher education, and its implications for learning and teaching.


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