Sustainable production and consumption: Woolworth’s Farming for the Future Programme

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Tuesday 05 September 2017

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM


Jaguar Building, JA114

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Seminar presenters

Kobus Pienaar, Good Business Journey Manager, Woolworths Foods

Lourens Van Schoor, Managing & Certification Director, EnviroScientific


Woolworths is a leading South African retailer with around 450 stores across Africa and the Middle East. A strong commitment to sustainability is a defining feature of the Woolworths brand. In 2007 the company launched theirGood Business Journey’, a comprehensive plan to make a difference in key areas including sustainable farming and fishing. A key component of this approach has been the Farming for the Future programme, which seeks to ensure that high quality crops are produced whilst protecting the natural resource base. Soil and water management, including chemical input reductions are key aspects of the programme.

This seminar will: chart the development of the Farming for the Future Programme; describe the methodologies deployed to improve farming practices; outline the metrics captured to assess the effectiveness of the programme and will provide evidence of the programme’s successes. The presenters will also consider the strategic role the programme plays in terms of ensuring resilience within their supply base and meeting the specific ethical concerns of Woolworths consumers.

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