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Tuesday 20 June 2017

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM


Jaguar Building | JA114

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Talk 1

"Can alternative currencies be a response to neoliberalism and globalisation of financial capital? Insights from the Birmingham Pound?"

Stuart Bowles, (PhD Student and CU Alumni)

Alternative currencies have received academic attention over the previous decade, with hopes that it offers a challenge to the globalisation of capital. There have been a range of different models applied across the world with differing success. Stuart Bowles is currently working with the steering group of the Birmingham Pound to consider the potential for an alternative currency in the West Midlands. It has critically assessed the range of currency models and has drawn a series of relevant conclusions. The seminar will outline the theoretical and practical perspectives of alternative currencies and propose a direction of critical study and practical application in the future.

Talk 2

"How can selling surplus food be widely accepted and reduce food waste in the UK and Denmark?"

Lisa Ruetgers (CBiS PhD Student)

This presentation outlines the scope of food waste and focusses especially on the retail and hospitality sector. Four innovative business models for selling surplus food are presented as potential solutions to food waste. Finally , the design of the research investigating how these businesses can be widely accepted by consumers and reduce food waste, is explained.

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