Vice-chancellor welcomes government’s funding pledge to EU students

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Friday 21 April 2017

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Professor John Latham, vice-chancellor of Coventry University, has welcomed the announcement from the government today (21 April 2017) that EU students will continue to remain eligible for financial support up to the academic year 2018 to 2019.

The decision means EU students, who are charged the same tuition fees as UK students, will continue to have access to student loans and grants, even if the course concludes after the UK’s exit from the EU.

Professor Latham said:



At Coventry University we are committed to attracting and nurturing talent from across the globe. In the wake of last year’s referendum we moved quickly to guarantee that fees for EU students would not exceed those of their UK counterparts for five years.

So we’re very pleased that that the government has taken this step, and we trust – as the Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson has stated – that this will send out a strong message that UK higher education remains welcoming and diverse.


We value our 2,000 EU students extremely highly and will continue to welcome them.



Moving forward, the sector must maintain its global outlook not just in terms of recruiting students but also with regards to business and research partnerships. Universities can help keep the UK competitive and open for business in a way that transcends political negotiations.

Following the triggering of Article 50, we want to ensure that there is no doubt among members of our community and our partners – at home and abroad – about Coventry University’s commitment to Europe and its continued global engagement.

Coventry University therefore has the following messages


If you study with us

You are an essential part of what makes our campus so vibrant and our learning environment in Coventry so rich and rewarding, wherever you come from. We know that EU students in particular may be concerned about fees and immigration status. Let us reassure you of three things -


Fee guarantee

In 2016, Coventry University moved quickly to guarantee that EU students’ fees would not exceed UK fees for the following five years.


Student loans

Your eligibility for Erasmus grants and student loans still stands and will last the duration of your course.

Students applying for university places in the 2018 to 2019 academic year will remain eligible for financial support for the duration of their study.


Immigration status

The UK’s exit will have no immediate impact on your immigration status, and that will remain the case until the UK government has progressed its negotiations with the EU.


If you teach or research with us

Whether you’re a UK, EU or overseas national, the difference you make in the lecture theatres, research labs and ‘engine room’ of the university can be life-changing for our students and for society. Knowledge and experience shared through staff mobility and joint research programmes across Europe define Coventry as an outward-looking university, and ensure it is at the forefront of some of the continent’s most constructive cross-border projects. We’re resolved to supporting talented people from EU countries to come to work and continue working in this country, and reaffirm the message that the UK’s exit will have no immediate impact on the immigration status of our EU staff.


If you collaborate with us

Coventry University remains every bit as committed to our collaborative project activity across Europe as we were before the referendum vote, and can reassure you that – unless we are informed otherwise – no projects that are already underway or have secured funding are at risk, including those forming part of the Horizon 2020 programme. Links that we have built with like-minded higher education institutions and organisations across Europe – from evaluating hydrogen fuel cell technologies to analysing the Mediterranean migration crisis – often reap positive societal and economic impacts, and as long as they do, collaborations with partners across Europe will remain a key part of Coventry’s global activity.

Whatever outcome emerges from the UK government’s negotiations with the EU, we will support our entire university community through the next stages. Already we are underlining our commitment to activity on the continent with the recent establishment of a Brussels office – which we intend to expand in the near future – and we’re offering overseas students, including those from the EU, around £2 million worth of scholarships to study here.

Coventry University will be working hard during the coming months, in conversation with the government, to clarify precisely what the UK's exit means for our EU students and staff – if you are one of them, then you will be amongst the first to know of future developments.