Student assists world-renowned photographer Nadav Kander

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Monday 26 September 2011

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Second-year photography student Daisy Ware-Jarret assisted one of the most highly-reputed lensmen, Nadav Kander, on a shoot last week.

Kander has photographed some of the most powerful people in the world -including Barack Obama in 2009 - and his work has been collected by both the National Portrait Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Felicity McGabe, a colleague of Kander's, said of Daisy:

We were really pleased to have Daisy working as a part of our team yesterday. She was quick to pick up on the way we work and what was expected on set, she oversaw a section of the lighting – positioning it, adjusting it as necessary as we went along and then de-rigging during the strike of the set. Daisy worked really well with the other assistants to keep the momentum of the day moving forward and bringing us in on schedule.

You can see Daisy’s work on her blog found here.