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Wednesday 09 December 2015

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A research and development centre, which will play a pivotal role in the understanding of complex flows, benefitting the energy, manufacturing and process industries, is opening next April at Coventry University.

The Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics Research Centre brings together unique expertise and facilities from Coventry University and TUV-NEL (NEL, the former National Engineering Laboratory), as well as partner Universities.  The Centre will embrace new approaches to flow instrumentation and modelling as well as developing better understanding of the fundamentals of flow of gases and liquids used in a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, aerospace, food, process industries, water, nuclear, and automotive. 

The research centre will have a huge impact on optimisation of processes involving flows of complex mixtures.

Professor Andrew Hunt, the interim Executive Director of the Centre, said: 

The Centre will be the first of its kind to embrace a new approach to flow measurement across a wide range of application areas.   To achieve this we have drawn together a strong multidisciplinary team including experts in mathematics, engineering, control theory, fluid dynamics, pervasive computing, manufacturing and instrumentation.  Conventional flow measurement methods rely on limiting the effect of the complexity of flows, whereas we plan to simultaneously measure and model that complexity through a network of self-monitoring sensors, located within the pipeline or instrument.  This gives more accurate data and is the cornerstone of better decision making, allowing end users to take efficient action to optimise their processes.”

By 2020 Coventry University, with its partners, will build the foundations for a first-class thirty student-strong doctoral training centre, establishing the research centre as a thought-leading authority in flow measurement and fluid mechanics by 2025. 

The uniquely equipped research centre will prioritise the development and testing of new concepts - from design and prototyping of new instrumentation, development of new models, through to practical testing in real-world trials - with a key focus on developing research impact in three significant areas:

  • Novel Measurement Techniques for Complex Flows
  • Flow Measurement Uncertainty and Diagnostics
  • Regimes in Multi-Component Flows

We are already working with a range of clients and developing a number of projects. The developments achieved by the centre will position Coventry University as the key academic leader in regards to the monitoring, analysis, and understanding of fluid mechanics and complex flow measurement. 

Brian Millington, Managing Director of TUV-NEL, said:


“We are delighted to be working with Coventry University in the development of this Centre.  I believe that this will help establish the UK as the world lead in flow measurement, particularly in the field of high-pressure multiphase measurement.  Through this we, and other partners, can realise our shared vision to develop a doctoral training centre in flow measurement and fluid mechanics within the foreseeable future.  This will help maintain the UK’s growing position in complex flow measurement.”


For further information, please contact James Stride, PR Assistant, Coventry University, on +44 (0)24 7765 4562 or email