New book gives practical support to using Second Life

New book gives practical support to using Second Life
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Friday 29 October 2010

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'A practical guide to using Second Life* in Higher Education’ is a new publication from Coventry University which will prove to be a useful learning resource for teachers.

Professor Maggi Savin-Baden is one of the UK’s leading academics on the subject and has used virtual technology extensively as a teaching resource. In fact, the use of virtual worlds in Higher Education has increased over the past few years, particularly in Second Life.

Professor Savin-Baden said:

“This practical handbook had been designed to support teachers who want to use Second Life and provides both an overview and a detailed consideration of the opportunities this immersive world offers for teaching, learning, assessment and research.”

The book is also designed for those new to Second Life as well as those with experience of teaching in virtual environments.

Professor Savin-Baden added:

“It will help teachers to progress from getting started with Second Life to developing their teaching techniques using it.”

Coventry University has a significant presence in Second Life and has hosted conferences, seminars and tutorials using the medium.

Professor Savin-Baden concluded:

“Working in a virtual environment is an ideal way for people across the world to work on joint projects without the added hassle of overseas travel. The book not only looks at the opportunities that Second Life provides, but there is also a chapter on the challenges it creates as well as the mistakes to avoid.”

The book is published by the Open University Press priced £24.99 and will be available from November.


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*Second Life is a 3D virtual world where users can ‘socialise, customise an avatar, connect and create using free voice and text’ and is increasingly used in teaching.