MEP backs University spin-off company's hydrogen cars

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Wednesday 19 March 2014

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A Member of the European Parliament has given his backing to a Coventry based project delivering zero-emission cars.

Malcolm Harbour, MEP for the West Midlands, visited Coventry University spin-off firm Microcab recently to witness its hydrogen vehicles in action.   Eight prototypes of the ultra lightweight H2EV cars are already running, powered by a single hydrogen fuel cell.

The project is now moving into a second phase of development, backed by EU funding, hopefully leading to customer trials and Mr Harbour is keen to lend his support to the initiative.

Mr Harbour said:

This visit to Microcab confirmed my enthusiasm for the great design concept and the engineering revolution now being carried out by the Coventry University team.

The biggest problem they face is the lack of a hydrogen fuelling infra structure which still needs more backing at the national level.

I will be using my contacts within the EU to see if I can raise further interest for this important Midlands based technology.