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Wednesday 02 May 2012

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We asked MSc International Business student, Andrea Czapova about her experience on the Global Leaders Programme.

Name: Andrea Czapova
Age: 23
Nationality: Czech Republic
GLP start date: September 2011

What have you been involved with throughout your time as a GLP member?

Throughout my time as a GLP member, I have shaped the programme according to my best interests by selecting suitable events and workshops to strengthen my leadership skills.

In CS1 - Global Awareness, I have selected the language classes and finally fulfilled my long time desire to learn French. I have really enjoyed been taught by a native French student, who provided us with a deeper comprehension of the French culture.

In CS2 - Global Perspectives, I have attended numerous talks by international speakers to get an insight into their careers and obtain their perspectives on what distinguishes an outstanding global leader. After the presentations it was possible to approach them and have an informal chat.

In CS3 - Global Experience, I have enrolled in the career workshops, because employment procedures differ considerably with the ones from my home country. The workshops accurately prepared me for job applications and enabled me with a significant advantage compared to others.

In CS4 - Cross-Cultural Experience, I was selected for the Student Mobility Programme to Mohali, India. I believe the trip was a very valuable experience and a great opportunity to get in touch with a new culture.

What has been the most informative aspect of the programme?

Even though all four strands do offer good amount of benefits, I have most profited from the Global Perspective talks delivered by business leaders. By obtaining useful advice from people who have succeeded in their careers, they gave a valuable insight on what factors are important in the respective industry.

What has been your GLP highlight?

Since GLP involved many activities, it is really difficult to choose one specific highlight. Besides the ‘You’re the boss’ workshop and the GLP Launch Event, my best experience was probably the trip to India. It was a great opportunity to get in touch with a new culture, gain new perspectives from successful leaders and visit global companies on-site, which operate in a different environment.

What have you gained from the programme and how has it helped you?

GLP has truly offered me lots of benefits and provided me with a competitive advantage that will differentiate me from others. I have enhanced my understanding for other cultures, gained new perspectives from renowned business leaders on global topics and acquired new skills and experiences through engaging workshops. Furthermore, I was able to enhance my leadership potential by improving my communication skills and self-confidence.

GLP demonstrates a clear message to future employers that throughout my postgraduate study course, I have made the most of my time and engaged in extra-curricular activities. It will help me to stand out in today’s competitive environment and provide me with enhanced professionalism and leaderships skills.

What/who has been the most influential speaker/presentation you have attended?

There were a number of speakers that I found very engaging and who will surely stay in my memory for a long time. The presentation by Mr. Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President of Nissan Motors, was one of the first GLP lectures I have attended. However, it was one of the smoothest and most professional presentations I have ever seen.

Furthermore, Mr. Steve Simplay’s ‘Employer Bite’ on Tata Technologies was very fascinating. It is really encouraging to see former Coventry University students who have managed to have such an ascending career path within a short period of time.

Last but not least, I have really enjoyed Professor David Bailey’s leadership lecture on the Kraft-Cadbury merger. He delivered a very engaging presentation and was very keen to interact with students afterwards.

If you were to take away one thing from the programme what would it be?

The Global Leadership Programme truly helped me to improve my leadership skills through stimulating workshops, inspirational leaders and cross-cultural experiences. It was a valuable experience for my future career as well as a substantial step forward to being a global leader of tomorrow.